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Pigskins Shame Spiral: Art Monk and Darrell Green

The Pigskins Shame Spiral is an occasional feature tracking developments related to the name of D.C.'s beloved football team.
Who: Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk (No. 81 in your programs, No. 1 in receiving yards) and Hall of fame cornerback Darrell Green.
Change the name? It should be "seriously considered" (Monk) and "deserves and warrants [...]

Brett Haber Honors Glenn Brenner and the Good Old Days of DC Sportscasting

The biggest sports story in town last week wasn't a win or a loss or a trade or an owner's gaffe. It was a memorial service. George Michael's.
The goodbye to the longtime WRC-4 sportscaster also served as a memorial to an era where local news operations were a much bigger deal than today. So even [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Caps Announcer Blows Off High School Reunion to Be With the Fans!

For the print edition of City Paper, I wrote yet another column about Charles Mann and Art Monk's debacle in Anacostia. The former Redskins spent a decade promising that community a job training center, and then sold the proposed site for more than 10 times what they paid the city to obtain it.
One fascinating (to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: An Awful Ending to Monk and Mann’s Neverending Story?

In case you missed it: "Art Monk and Charles Mann Sell Former City Property for Millions, Bail On Anacostia Job Training Center."
Over the years, there aren't many things I've written about more than Monk and Mann's training center.
For a decade, the beloved former Redskins said the Carver Theatre building was going to be rebuilt by [...]

Art Monk and Charles Mann Sell Former City Property for Millions, Bail On Anacostia Job Training Center

A decade ago, Art Monk and Charles Mann came to a neighborhood meeting in Anacostia and said they were going to open a job training center in one of the city's neediest neighborhoods.
They never followed through on that pledge.
The former Redskins raised millions of dollars, both in federal grants and private donations, after saying they [...]

The Endless Story: Ex-Redskins’ Training Center in Anacostia Still Ain’t Open

I've written a whole lot over the years about the old Carver Theater building in Anacostia. Control of the property was transferred years ago from the city to the Good Samaritan Foundation, a non-profit group founded by Redskin heroes Art Monk and Charles Mann.
The beloved former athletes acquired the public land after promising the locals [...]