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Today in D.C. History: Arsonist’s Decades Long Spree Ended

On April 27, 2005, arsonist Thomas Sweatt was arrested as he left a meeting for KFC employees. It would mark the end of 30 years of fire-starting for Sweatt.
Those 30 years included 353 fires, many of which were never attributed to Sweatt until he identified them as his work. Perhaps that's because, Sweatt, a Southeast [...]

The Needle: Plácido, We Hardly Knew You Edition

Adios, Plácido: Local opera company seeks new artistic director and general director. Tenor singing voice, fluency in Spanish a plus; must not enjoy long walks on the beach, at least not if the beach is in Los Angeles. For that's where Plácido Domingo has fled Washington National Opera for, after 14 years in D.C., the [...]

Not Breaking: Councilmember Wells Suspects Eastern Market Fire Was Arson

Two years after the fact, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has gone on the record suspecting that the Eastern Market fire was arson. Wells tells the Voice of the Hill:
"'I have a tremendous amount of suspicion that it was arson,' Wells told the Voice immediately after the market reopened Friday."
Eastern Market re-opened today with the [...]

Safe and Computer among Items Recovered in Spevak Investigation

In conjunction with the investigation into the murder of Michael and Virginia Spevak, ABC 7 reports that D.C. Police discovered a safe and computer during yesterday's search of the backyard and alley behind 622 Ingraham St. NW.
A neighbor also found a charred ID belonging to Dr. Spevak in the alley.
Inspector Rodney Parks, addressing the press [...]