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Today in D.C. History: District’s Virginia Territory Retroceded to Old Dominion

The District didn’t always resemble a piece of squareish bread with a huge bite-size chunk missing. Once upon a time—more than 160 years ago—Arlington County and part of the city of Alexandria fell within the District's limits, completing a full diamond that spanned the Potomac River.
Or at least it did until 1847, when the federal [...]

Photos: Thee Lolitas + Foul Swoops

Adventures in Parenting

Move over, Baltimore. D.C. is the new Charm City.
At least, that’s according to the editors of Parenting magazine, who earlier this week crowned D.C. with the top spot in their 2011 Best Cities for Families list. Astute Parenting readers will note that D.C.’s improvement over last year would make the Nationals and Redskins [...]

Photos: DC Tattoo Expo

Photo: Dance Lesson

Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photo: Count Gore De Vol

Dick Dyszel at the screening of C.W. Prather’s documentary
Every Other Day is Halloween, Artisphere, Arlington, VA, Jan. 12. © 2011 Matt Dunn

World Cup Roundup: Summers Time Rolls in High Definition

If there's anything that Brazil and Portugal fans can agree upon–well, besides Portuguese, of course–perhaps it's the flickering high-def bliss of the area's "Best Soccer Pub." Or maybe the baja wrap. Correspondent C.T. Schwink reports from Summers Restaurant in Arlington, during Friday's 10 a.m. clash of South American and European powers.

Our Morning Roundup: Teacher Burnout!

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare expresses early burnout with blogging and possibly teaching! They write:
"Don't know if it's because of Impact (don't think so) or the forever stalled contract negotiations (maybe) or my administration (YES!!!), but I just feel really de-motivated. One thing I can say is that it's definitely not the kids. [...]

That’s a Funny Name for a Dog

(1700 block of S. Eads Street, Arlington, Oct. 17)

Our Morning Roundup: Metro Crash Aftermath

Check out these must see photos of yesterday's Metro crash aftermath. Read our interview we posted last night with a Deputy Fire Chief who was on the scene and ended up driving an ambulance. LL wonders: Are DC Metro cars safe? Need help with your commute? WMATA notes that red line service will be severely [...]