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The Needle: They’re The Realist

This fan is able to make fun of the Washington football team in the afterlife.

The Needle: 24-Hour Party People

Pool for Fools?: Arlington County is building an $80 million pool facility in Crystal City, but opponents say a ballot measure supporting the complex was deceptively worded. -2
Late Night Shots: The District has given seven more restaurants and bars permission to stay open all night Sunday, bringing the total list of late-night businesses in the [...]

Boob Mix-Up: Woman Breastfeeds Wrong Baby at Virginia Hospital Center

Anyone who watched the latest season of The Office probably remembers the classic scene from the delivery episode where Pam, in a confused and tired state, reaches over to the bassinet on the side of her bed to breastfeed the crying newborn. When the baby latches on, Pam is ecstatic as her baby was having [...]

Dear VRE: Thanks for Letting Us Bring Our Guns on the Train

Dear Virginia Railway Express Operations Board: I don't live in Virginia, and I don't take the VRE in to the District each day, but I sure wish I did, because of the enhanced service you have decided to offer: Riders can now carry firearms and concealed weapons on the train!