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The Needle: Arianna’s Sweat Shop

Journos Wearing Sweaters: It's that time of the year again—Arianna Huffington gifted her hundreds of staffers holiday J. Crew sweaters. A trusted source within the gilded halls of the Huffington Post's swanky D.C. bureau said each employee received an individualized package. Only some of the sweaters had elbow pads, which was the more popular of the two [...]

We Read Washington Post Outlook Section So You Don’t Have To!

The Sunday before any national election is always a landmark day for Washington Post editors and writers—it means they already know, months in advance, what the main feature in the paper's Outlook section will be. For 15 election cycles, Outlook has been home to the Crystal Ball Contest for predicting results.
This year's edition ran last [...]

Don’t Forget—Free Walks to Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

By now, with the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear just days away, you've moved on from strategizing how to cadge tickets to a Daily Show taping and are, instead, strategizing how you're going to get to the big event on Saturday morning. (And just how much booze and/or weed—or, if you go to Georgetown, [...]

Free Walking Tours to Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally!

About 10,000 people will be coming to D.C. from New York this weekend on 200 free buses sponsored by the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington pledged a free ride to anyone interested in joining Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive. (The buses leave from Citi Field at [...]

Our Morning Roundup: New Neighbors Edition

Good Morning, City Desk Readers!  It's the first day of July and the forecast doesn't call for 90 degree temperatures so it's already looking like a good one.  On the news front, the nation's capital is expecting some new residents that are already getting attention before moving in.

Minnesota has finally come to its senses and [...]