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D.C. Woman Unwittingly Hosts Chewbacca-Noise Contest

Most of the time, April Fools' Day pranks aren't worth the effort, as plenty of local organizations demonstrated last week. Not this one, which started with one guy's pretty funny idea and resulted in his girlfriend hearing a whole lot of "Awwrrruuurrraawwwwr!"
Since April 1, Samantha Helton, 23, has received about 20 voicemails on her cell [...]

The Needle: Voting Ghost Town

The Empty Poll: Voters in D.C. seemed to show up to the polls today in extraordinary low numbers. Mayor Vince Gray's home precinct, for instance, received 1074 votes in 2010. This year, only 498 votes were cast there as of 6 p.m. -7
April's Fools: D.C. had some pretty lame April Fools' Day jokes today, including Taylor Gourmet's attempt [...]

Game of Groans: The Worst April Fools’ Jokes in D.C.

April Fools' Day! The day when everyone—no matter how humorless they are the other 364 days of the year—feels compelled to make a funny. (Not City Paper, though, at least until we figure out a way to top this one.) Today, unfortunately, may have been the least funny April Fools' Day yet. Some glaring perpetrators among [...]

Won’t Get Fooled Again

When news broke this morning on an Adams Morgan email list that there was a stray animal loose in the neighborhood, it seemed alarming, at first:

There have been sightings of an animal described as a cross between a dog and a deer in adams morgan over the past few days. It has some fur, a [...]