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Rod Strickland Still Alive and Coaching in 2011

My favorite moment of the ongoing rendition of March Madness came after the buzzer to end Sunday's Kentucky/North Carolina game.
CBS's cameras were pointed at the handshake lines on the sideline. There, among the victorious Wildcats, I caught a glimpse of The Greatest/Worstest Washington Bullet/Wizard of All Time: Rod Strickland!
He's a survivor. Last April, Strickland got [...]

Drug Dealers Met Cops at Applebee’s

Authorities recently filed court papers connected to a huge meth bust by Metropolitan Police Department officers. As City Desk already reported via police sources, the cops say a dealer, believed to be a member of Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana, gave the officers pounds of meth "on consignment," and was eventually arrested along with [...]

John Wall Can Rebuild What Rod Strickland Tore Down — Strickland’s Reputation

In all my years of typing, few athletes have given me as many giggles as Rod Strickland. While I was away wiping baby butt, Rod continued making his own mess.
Washingtonians have any number of reasons to despise him. This is the player, remember, who Wes Unseld gave up Rasheed Wallace to get here. He's also [...]

Bethesda Man Suing Applebee’s, Weight Watchers for Being Too Fatty

Antonio Valiente of Bethesda, who says he has long enjoyed the dishes tagged as Weight-Watchers-friendly at Applebee's, is now suing both the weight-loss program and the restaurant chain on behalf of all calorie-counting customers who, he claims, have been grossly misled. The suit alleges that certain dishes contain about three times as much fat per [...]