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Supreme Court Isn’t The Last Stop For Antoine Jones

We've monitoring the case of Antoine Jones, the nightclub owner and suspected drug kingpin who was sentenced to life in prison thanks in part to evidence that MPD gathered illegally. In January, the Supreme Court ruled that GPS tracking a car without a warrant—even if it travels on public roads—constitutes a search, and was therefore [...]

It’s Official: D.C. Cops Can’t GPS You Without a Warrant

Today the Supreme Court released its decision on United States vs. Jones, the case of D.C. nightclub owner Antoine Jones who was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking after MPD—without a warrant—installed a GPS tracker on his car and monitored his movements for 30 days. Jones appealed, arguing that the tracker was a [...]

Can Police GPS Track a Supreme Court Justice?

One interesting moment in yesterday's Supreme Court hearing for Jones was when Chief Justice John Roberts asked the Department of Justice's Michael R. Dreeben a fairly simple question:
CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: You think there would also not be a search if you put a GPS device on all of our cars, monitored our movements for a month? [...]

Antoine Jones and the Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments tomorrow in the case of United States v. Jones. Jones is about nightclub owner Antoine Jones, whose 2008 conviction for drug trafficking (which carried a life sentence) was overturned by the D.C.'s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last year after justices decided he was tracked illegally by the Metropolitan [...]