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How D.C.’s Plan to Save Low-Income Housing Went Wrong

I thought New Communities would work. I was wrong.

The Needle: Public Enemies

Gangster Squat: It's hard to describe the John Dillinger-on-a-space-station vibe going on at new Dupont Circle club Heist, so take a look for yourself. Bags of money, briefcases with handcuffs on them...and Mr. Monopoly with an M16? +3
No Williams Woes: Former mayor Anthony Williams is not headed to Michigan to save Detroit, despite stories to [...]

The Needle: Feeing Frenzy

Elephant Eateries: Where to find "attractive, wealthy Republicans," per Eater D.C.'s new guide to GOP hangouts? U Street swagger-jacking HQ the Brixton, apparently. -3
That Fee: Nationals fans who bought tickets to National League Championship Series that won't be played because of the team's playoff loss won't be getting refunds on a $4 service fee that [...]

Norton Bill Would Turn the District Into A Tax Shelter

It looks like D.C. may actually be moving toward an idea proposed by an insurance commissioner from the Mayor Anthony Williams administration, and picked up by Mayor Vince Gray earlier this year: The District can serve as a tax shelter for catastrophe insurance companies that currently keep their dollars ($60 billion of them!) offshore in countries like [...]

Today in D.C. History: Anthony Williams Forced to Run Write-In Campaign

Mayor Anthony Williams’ campaign for re-election hit a major snag when the validity of signatures on his petition to get on the ballot was called into question. On July 15, 2002, Dorothy Brizill, Gary Imhoff, Mark Sibley, and Shaun Snyder filed a joint challenge to Williams’ petition, claiming that 9,250 of 10,102 signatures were “defective,” [...]

Today in D.C. History: Anthony Williams Takes Final Mayoral Cannonball Plunge

On June 21, 2006, Anthony Williams took his final cannonball plunge into a D.C. swimming pool as mayor, his traditional way to open the city’s pools for the summer. Williams' two terms as the District's fourth Home Rule-era mayor began with a splash in 1999, when he made his inaugural dive. In 2006, Williams, who [...]

Today in D.C. History: Williams Bends to Pressure on Chocolate Milk Day

On May 11, 2001, the District did not celebrate "Drink Chocolate Milk Day." Then-Mayor Anthony Williams, relenting to pressure from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and other activists, scrapped his plans to declare the holiday and promote dairy in the popular "Got Milk?" campaign.
After hearing about the mayor’s plans to promote chocolate milk, PCRM [...]

Today in D.C. History: Williams Jeered in Columbia Heights Over Housing Plan

On April 19, 2000, then-Mayor Anthony Williams was jeered by a crowd of tenant activists due to the eviction of low-income families from Columbia Heights.

Williams had ordered a crackdown on "substandard housing" in the Columbia Heights area, saying it was targeted against "irresponsible landlords." However, the policy resulted in a large number of shuttered apartment [...]

Photos: More Swearing In

Adrian Fenty Is Bustin’ Loose

Eight years ago, during a campaign rally in Kalorama Park, I asked then-Mayor Anthony Williams how he intended to woo the District's all-important go-go demographic. At the time, Kevin "Kato" Hammond of Take Me Out to the Go-Go magazine had been lobbying local leaders about the plight of the District's indigenous music scene and planned to endorse candidates in the upcoming [...]

Morning Roundup: Emancipation Day Edition

Welcome to the end of the week. If the fact that it's Friday isn't reason enough, excuses abound to get plastered today: It's Emancipation Day! And Day-After-Tax-Day!
Wait, you ask: What's Emancipation Day? Today in 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act, a precursor to the Emancipation Proclamation that freed roughly 3,100 slaves in D.C. [...]

Do You Miss This Man?

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

Beloved D.C. Council Staffer Dies in Baltimore Drowning

Desi Deschaine, 29, a fixture in local politicking over the last decade and recently a staff member for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, has died after drowning in Baltimore.
Jeff Coudriet, a top Evans deputy, says that Deschaine had gone on a Chesapeake Bay boat trip Sunday with a man he'd been dating. The boat had [...]

1300 Block of Pennsylvania Ave. NW, May 6

Fenty’s Travel: He’s No Better Than Tony Williams

Earlier today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty engaged in a Q&A at Nathans restaurant; there, owner Carol Joynt asked him about his controversial recent travel to the United Arab Emirates.
He roundly defended the trip, calling the criticism he received the same-old, same-old: “I think you expect on every given day on every given issue that [...]