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The Needle: Signature Dishes

Delicious: What better way to celebrate Annandale's Honey Pig than with a rap?
I need somethin' delicious, nutritious.
Head to Honey Pig for the signature dishes.
March Sadness: Nike came up with March Madness taglines for the teams it outfits, and the Washington area schools clearly didn't get the copywriter A-team. "Even the sequester won't slow down Georgetown"? [...]

The Needle: Annandale Mafia

Thunder Rolls: Han Sa "Thunder" Yu, the 44-year-old leader of a gang of Annandale extortionists that went by the extraordinary name Korean Night Breeders, was sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison last week after pleading guilty. +3
Colonel Blimp: Two defense blimps, worth a combined $450 million, could launch around D.C. as soon as late [...]

Beavers Continue to Terrorize Northern Virginia

What's going on with Fairfax County's beavers? Exactly a week after a beaver bit an 83-year-old woman swimming in an Annandale lake and infected her with rabies, the industrious rodents are back, WTOP reports:
A beaver jumped out of the water at the Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield and onto the dock, according to the [...]

Virginia Sex Fiend Convicted of Graphic Assaults

An Annandale, Virginia, man has been found guilty in D.C. Superior Court of an incredibly sadistic series of sexual and physical assaults on a woman, including one that left her disfigured. Carlos W. Escalante, 31, will face up to sixty years in prison. According to court documents, a woman once involved with Escalante endured torture [...]

Recession Wigs 75 Percent Off

After 35 years, Masters Tuxedo and Costumes on Columbia Pike in Annandale is closing shop. Until the end of this month, wigs, costumes, mascots, and other whackiness are going out the door for 75 percent off their original costs.
Although a touch picked over, there are still choice items to be had and tried on until [...]