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Zoo: Get Your Friday Fennec Fox Fix

What's a fennec fox?

Anacostia River Groups: Pick Up After Your Pet or Face ‘Brown Plague’

"Dog owners have a key role to play in creating a swimmable, fishable Anacostia River."

PETA: Smithsonian Exhibit Encourages Kids to Traumatize Bugs

Through "citizen science!"

National Zoo Temporarily Closes Kids’ Farm Due to E. Coli

Four goats and one cow tested positive for the bacteria.

Next Spring, D.C. to Get More… Meadows?

District Department of Energy and Environment's pilot project to boost biodiversity in unexpected spaces

Sorry, Morning Joggers: Your Petition Won’t Change the National Zoo’s New Hours Policy

Runners, cyclists, and others won't be able to access the National Zoo's grounds as early as they can now, come January.

Dozens of D.C. Dogs Diagnosed With Highly Contagious Parvovirus

"This is of great concern for District dog-owners because it means it is in our community and in the environment," says the Washington Humane Society's head vet.

Snakes Fall on Adams Morgan Playground, Terrify Everybody

Today in continued signs of impending doom, snakes are falling out of trees and frightening the children of Adams Morgan. The trouble started in Walter C. Pierce Park on Thursday morning, according to an D.C. police listserv email noted by PoPville:
When the snakes fell they scared the children, and everyone fled. This was in [...]

National Zoo Sea Lion Watches Girl Fall, Thoughts Remain a Mystery

Is this sea lion concerned for the little girl, as In the Capital suggests, or looking for easy prey? Who can see into the mind of a sea lion?
Correction: Due to a reporting error, the headline on this post originally referred to a seal, not a sea lion.

“Cat Stasi” Accused of Kidnapping Adams Morgan Cat

Adams Morgan resident Lorelei Kelly has a tale of woe, Washington, and cat kidnapping. But the alleged villains aren't who you'd think: They're animal rescue volunteers.
"This just strikes me as 'only in D.C.'" Kelly says. "I feel like this is someone who didn't get their Senate confirmation hearing."
When Kelly adopted her cat Sharky in 2011, [...]

National Zoo Panda Could Need a Paternity Test

If all goes according to plan, male National Zoo panda Tian Tian could soon be hearing the panda equivalent of Maury Povich's "You are not the father." That's because Saturday's insemination of female panda Mei Xiang involved the semen from not one but two potential panda papas.
While the first instance of insemination featured both frozen [...]

The Needle: Elephant Walk

Room to Roam: The National Zoo's elephant habitat redesign is finally done, and it looks great. But was it worth getting rid of the zoo's hippos? That's a question each of us has to deal with individually. +3
Flagged Down: The new dome lights mandated for D.C. cabs should make hailing a ride easier, and look [...]

Rock Creek Park Deer Killing for Me, Not for Thee

Oh sure, the National Park Service is all about killing deer in Rock Creek Park most of the time. It just defeated a lawsuit intended to stop an upcoming deer slaughter in the park. But when an Average Joe  decides to kill some deer on his own, they throw a fit!
In a criminal information filed today, [...]

Rowdy Raccoon Terrorizes Foggy Bottom

It's a sad truth about life that some of the sweetest-looking creatures are also the most dangerous to live around: pandas, hippos, elephants. Foggy Bottom residents are learning that the hard way this week, as an "aggressive raccoon" has started to prowl the neighborhood.
Prince of Petworth reports that the Foggy Bottom Association is warning members [...]

D.C. Pandas Don’t Care About Earthquakes

Thanks to the District's excessive use of social media, we've pretty much heard how every person here (or the entire East Coast) reacted to the earthquake yesterday. Thanks to the National Zoo, we now know how the animals in captivity weathered the 30 seconds of terror.
The Zoo staff released a list of some of the [...]