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PETA: Smithsonian Exhibit Encourages Kids to Traumatize Bugs

Through "citizen science!"

Photo: Gruesome Deer Wandering Around Montgomery County

While the proposed deer culling in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park has been hung up by a lawsuit, Montgomery County started its own culling program in Rock Creek Stream Valley Park last month. But according to one animal rights group, not all the deer that get shot in Montgomery County die.
According to animal rights group In [...]

The Vegan Papers

D.C. cops are keeping tabs on a group of animal rights activists, according to the results of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by the lawyer of Defending Animal Rights Today And Tomorrow (DARTT).
Featured in this week's issue of Washington City Paper because of its ongoing battle with [...]

Accused Kitty Killer Arrested

It's been a bizarre week for D.C. animal news. A guy who'd read a novel about a gorilla takes hostages at the Discovery Channel. A shark turns up in the Potomac. A new report says city cabbies discriminate against blind people with guide dogs. And now comes word that a kitty [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's non-liquid theme park chain, Six Flags, has decided that if it's going to go down, it's going to go down tipsy.
In 2008, firms that were nowhere near as leveraged as Six Flags, which is anywhere from $2 billion to $3 billion-and-some-change in debt, tended to sign on for Chapter 11 protections or just [...]

Cheh’s Home-Protests Bill on Hold for Now

Turns out Ward 3 Councilmember Mary M. Cheh won't be moving emergency legislation tomorrow to put additional restrictions on residential protests after all.
LL reported Friday, and the Examiner reported today, about Cheh's proposed bill, which aimed to give police the ability to put the kibosh on allegedly hostile protests by a group called Stop Huntingdon [...]

More on Cheh’s Home Protests Bill

LL continues to follow up on Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's plans to impose new restrictions on protests at private homes in the wake of alleged intimidation by animal-rights protesters.
He just spoke to John Boardman, a leader with Local 25 of UNITE HERE, a union representing hotel and restaurant employees. He and his union's membership [...]

Animal Rights Protests Have Cheh Mulling Restrictions

Remember the noise bill—when the D.C. Council attempted earlier this year to restrict amplified protests held in public space? After months of wrangling, restrictions were passed after being severely diluted thanks to labor community objections.
Now prepare to revisit some similar ground: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh yesterday informed her colleagues that she intends to introduce [...]