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Gallaudet Employee Who Was Suspended Over Anti-Gay Marriage Petition Is Back at Work

Almost three months after she was suspended for signing an anti-gay petition, Angela McCaskill, Gallaudet's Chief Diversity Officer, is back on the job.
McCaskill's signature on the petition for Maryland to hold a referendum on gay marriage earned her a suspension in October, and earned her support from both pro- and anti-gay groups. And now she's back. [...]

The Needle: Poor Chili Choices

Chili Catastrophe: Twenty-seven people plan to run a half marathon on Nov. 3, gobbling a half-smoke and chips at Ben's Chili Bowl halfway through. Hope the street cleaners have been notified. -2
Ha Ha, Debate: Forced meme "binders full of women" now has its own cocktail, available at The Passenger. -3

Gallaudet Wants Employee Suspended Over Anti-Gay Petition Back

The saga of Gallaudet University Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Angela McCaskill—put on administrative leave last week after her signature to put Maryland's gay marriage law on a ballot—continues, with Gallaudet president T. Alan Hurwitz releasing a statement this morning saying that the school wants McCaskill back.
"Gallaudet University would like to work with its Chief Diversity [...]

Pro-Gay Marriage Group Wants Gallaudet to Reinstate Employee

After her support for a petition to put a gay marriage law in Maryland up for a vote came to light recently, Dr. Angela McCaskill was put on paid administrative leave yesterday. But now McCaskill's getting support from a surprising place: a pro-gay marriage group.
"We strongly disagree with the decision to put the chief diversity [...]

Gallaudet Employee Put on Leave After Signing Anti-Gay Marriage Petition

If your job is to promote diversity, signing a petition to get a referendum on overturning Maryland's gay marriage law on the ballot is bound to be controversial. But that's exactly what Dr. Angela McCaskill, Gallaudet University's Chief Diversity Officer, did in July. Now the resulting furor, first reported at Planet Deafqueer, has resulted in [...]