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Weekend in Review: Days of Rage Edition

Did you rage this weekend? If not, did you get your living room spackled, sanded, and primed? Did you spend so much time listening to 105.9 the Edge that you found yourself thinking things like, On third listen, I adjudge that the bass line of "Living on a Prayer" is the most important part [...]

Weekend in Review—Crony Edition

As if D.C. Council Chairman Vince Gray needed another prod to jump into the mayor's race, the Washington Post came through for him on Sunday morning. Splashed across the top of page A01 is an investigative story about Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's relationship with key cronies Sinclair Skinner and Omar Karim.

Weekend in Review

Though much of the snow has cleared and is now flowing into storm drains, the Washington Post is still on the story, in an opiniony sort of way. Longtime Postie Vanessa Williams notes that Adrian M. Fenty the Ward 4 councilmember never would have swallowed some of the excuses Adrian M. Fenty the mayor has [...]

WaPo-Ombo Ignores Turque-Armao Blog Shenanigans

Washington Post ombudsman Andy Alexander is a careful, thorough reporter. When something goes wrong at the paper, you can be sure he's talking with all relevant parties, compiling a sound account of what went on (especially in his killer investigation of the "salons" episode).

Weekend in Review

Hey folks, great to have you back at WIR!
Let's dig into some stuff, right now: Hooray for Post Ombo Andy Alexander, who stood up for the paper's decisions to run various disturbing photos of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in very prominent spots. As usual when the paper does anything other than put politicians [...]

Weekend in Review

Big news of the weekend is that someone is finally standing up for Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder. Who would so such a thing, you ask? Could it be spokesperson Karl Swanson? Nah, that wouldn't merit the first item in City Desk's much-acclaimed Weekend in Review feature. Could it be fellow sports mogul Ted Leonsis? Nah, [...]

Weekend in Review

Update: I have checked with all my sources in the local media scene. It appears that there was no fight in the Style section of the Washington Post this past Friday, so this coming week will be that much more routine.

Fenty, Barry, Weymouth—All in Weekend in Review

First, the retrocast: At last, a little bit of authentic summer weather for the region, though not quite as hot and humid as we've been trained to expect. Good old weather beat writer Martin Weil at the Washington Post is reporting that July thus far has been five degrees cooler than normal. We've already nailed [...]

Why Even Print the Washington Post?

The Post's Robert Wone controversy continues, at least in my mind.
Over the weekend, the paper's ombudsman, Andy Alexander, wrote in favor of the decision to go with a Web-only presentation of a two-part series by reporter Paul Duggan on the mysterious 2006 murder of Wone, a 32-year-old lawyer.

Weekend In Review: Nadal Loses!

Who knows what Andy Alexander was up to this week when he wrote his column as ombudsman of the Washington Post. As a vet with decades in the news biz, Alexander might be expected to, like, peg his column to a news event within, say, the past several years. But check this out—-he writes about [...]

Lynchburg: Cultural Wasteland?

The Washington Post got itself in a teensy-weensy bit of trouble with a recent Travel section article on a fabulous regional escape. A piece by freelancer Pamela Redmond Satran touted the down-home joys of Lynchburg, Va., complete with recommendations on where to eat, drink, and shop. It ran a bit afoul of the neutrality police, [...]

Milbank’s Response to Ombud: Weak

In a nice bit of ombudding over the Memorial Day weekend, the Washington Post's Andy Alexander looked at how columnist Dana Milbank mined perhaps the most famous statement of former Bush administration Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. You remember this one, coming right on the heels of 9/11, when Fleischer reminded "all Americans that they need [...]

Weekend in Review

Weekend weather retrocast: In this town, it always seems as if the weather gods want to give us a blast of summer before proceeding with primo spring weather. Don't have a big problem with that—but the pools are never open in April.
Speaking of pools, I continue to hear from people in the community about the [...]

Weekend in Review

The news for 'Skins fans is not just that your team has alienated Jason Campbell with its attempt to acquire Jay Cutler. It's also that Plaxico Burress could be there for the taking after he serves some kind of sentence on a gun possession charge in gun-unfriendly New York City. The New York Giants late [...]

Weekend in Review

Just some recap to get you feeling centered on this Monday morning: Washington City Paper's "Best Of" issue came out last week—it was a whopper, with a readers poll that pulled in 29,000 ballots and a huge editorial hole filled with picks on everything from Best Restaurant to Best Place to Buy a TV Stand.
Weekend [...]