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Andrew Sullivan Still Hates NYC, Says He’s Moving Back Home to the “Second Brooklyn”

Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan moved from his longtime Adams Morgan apartment to New York City last year, and has publicly complained about it ever since.
He blogged about how shitty the city was. He hated the barbershops, the Wi-Fi, and even the furniture stores.
And so today, in some unsurprising news, he announced he'll be moving [...]

The Needle: Taco Trouble

Worlds Colliding: Logan Circle toolbag hive El Centro D.F. is expanding to toolbag neighborhood Georgetown. -1
Treats on Wheel: Starting today, Washington has a bike-borne gourmet ice cream sandwich vendor. +2

Just Move Back to D.C. Already, Andrew Sullivan

It's only been four months since Daily Dish blogtrepeneur Andrew Sullivan moved from his Adams Morgan apartment to New York, but it seems like it's been longer. With Sullivan gone, Adams Morgan residents haven't had anyone to creepshot as he eats at Subway. The neighborhood is bereft.
Fortunately, it seems like Sullivan's stay in the Big [...]

Blogger Andrew Sullivan Ditches Adams Morgan

Speaking of famous bears, there's now one fewer in Adams Morgan: ex-New Republic editor turned blog king Andrew Sullivan. The longtime Adams Morgan resident and Newsweek/Daily Beast blogger moved out of the neighborhood two weeks ago and headed to New York.
Sullivan-spotting has been a long-running  pastime in Adams Morgan, where it seemed none of his meals was [...]

Why Did the Washington Post Sack Dan Froomkin?

Late last week came the news that editors at the Washington Post had discontinued Dan Froomkin's popular White House Watch Web-only column after a five-and-a-half-year run.
This wasn't just another media-personnel story for the trade publications. The act of a powerful news organization cutting off the head of a Bush-bashing media figure gave the Internet [...]

Our Morning Roundup: McWhorter, Saletan, and the Color of Performance

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another edition of Freedom Friday. We're wrapping up our Summer Music Guide as I type, and I can assure you that it's going to be a doozie–the kind of doozie you'll likely keep on your coffee table from May 15 through September 1 as a quick reference [...]

What the Hell With Andrew Sullivan’s Shirt?

Even the thought of watching a video wherein two pundits dissect the Judd Gregg incident makes me want to punch myself repeatedly in the throat, but the freeze shot of Andrew Sullivan's shirt in this Atlantic video was too compelling.
There's so much wrong here. I've seen Sullivan a few times around Adams Morgan, and while [...]