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Neighborhood Watch: Ward 8 Property, Fire Sale or Golden Opportunity?

The Issue: Is Ward 8 taking on more than its fair share of social housing? So Others Might Eat (SOME), a D.C. nonprofit group, bought a rundown residential property about a year ago on Mellon Street in southeast with the intention of turning the space into long-term housing for adults with special needs. The complex [...]

Neighborhood Watch: In Trinidad, ANC Wants Only Chain Restaurants to Serve Booze

The Issue: One of the Trinidad Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) wants to curb alcohol-related problems by having liquor licenses banned at establishments along Bladensburg Road in NE, with one exception. An ANC proposal says that all establishments in the area will be denied licenses to sell alcohol for five years unless they are “part [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Were Horseshoers Horsing Around in Congress Heights?

The Issue: What to do with Shepherd Park? The horseshoe pitching club there has moved on to greener pastures after being pressured by the community to remove horseshoe pits from the park between Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenue. The horseshoe pits and accompanying chess boards were originally installed by the club [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Angst Edition

Why.I.Hate.DC hates on crime:
"Memo to everyone: DC is not a safe place. That home that sold at 14th and Fairmont for $499,999 was not a good deal. In all of these recent shootings, and Oh, I forgot about the murder outside the Mt. Vernon Square metro–the police have been close enough to hear the shots [...]

Maryland Delegate Reads Blogs, Tries to Influence Rock Creek Park

Maryland State Del. Bill Frick (D-Montgomery County) sent a letter Monday to the superintendent of Rock Creek Park as an appeal to close Beach Drive to car traffic for an extended period. Currently, the park road popular with cyclists, Rollerbladers, runners, etc., opens at 7 p.m. That's all well and good when it's winter, but [...]

RIP Stephen Posniak

Stephen Posniak, 64, the former ANC commissioner accused of leaving a campfire and causing the Ham Lake fire in Minnesota, apparently killed himself in his backyard around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. He lived on Windom Place in American University Park with his wife. They have one daughter. He retired at age 62 from the federal government, [...]

Improbably, I Receive a Write-In

Courtesy of a friend who apparently doesn't give a damn about his ANC representation:

Definitive evidence below the jump.

DCision Video 7: Delaney Speaks!

Update from Ward 6: Don't miss this hard-hitting tell-all, in which Arthur Delaney (a.k.a. Sir Pants-a-lot) holds forth on his incredible dark horse campaign, the resonance of his message, his umbrella woes, and the perils of picking Glick.
Don't be fooled by the blazer, folks. Arthur Delaney may look like your typical District politico, but [...]

Delaney’s Campaign Grows Into A Movement

City Desk just called Arthur Delaney to check in on his historic campaign for an ANC post in Cap. Hill. He is standing outside his precinct at Payne Elementary. It is 5:35 p.m.
Delaney has big news. His mom has joined his campaign!
"My mom is here campaigning with me," Delaney says. "She voted for me over [...]