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D.C. Snowball Fight Organizer: Not Expecting Police But “They’re More Than Welcome”

So far, we've heard of at least three snowball fights planned for tomorrow in the District. One near Randle Circle in Southeast (noon), another in a field near the New York Avenue Metro station in Northeast (1 p.m.), and a third on the National Mall (3 p.m.).
Given what happened during D.C.'s last big snow at [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Homer Simpson Gets a Thumbs-Up From the Pope, Sort Of” Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers. Last I met you in this space, we were engaging in panic about the impending Snowpocalypse. And I didn't even know then about the snowball-toting anarchists!
Speaking of anarchists, President Barack Obama phoned in yesterday to WTOP's "Ask the Governor," on which Virginia's outgoing chief executive, Tim Kaine, was taking a [...]

Petworth Fourth of July 2009

Here's a few minutes of what freedom sounded like this year from a porch in Petworth.
Every Independence Day, the show on the streets gives me giggles and makes me fall in love with my neighborhood all over again.