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Six Degrees of Variation

D.C. may be the nation’s capital, but local universities are teaching more than just political science. Feel like you aren’t making good use of your free time? Want to learn how to cure cancer? Check out these programs that are creating some unique young professionals.

Program: Major in Leisure Studies
School: Howard University
Description: Prepares students for a [...]

American University Frat Accused of Mayonnaise Hazing

American University's Tau Kappa Epsilon frat has been accused by its own brothers of hazing, the university student papers reports. The hazing was decidedly food-centric:
Alleged practices include forcing pledges to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana; do planks, wall sits, pushups and extensive walking; drink an entire gallon of milk in one hour or [...]

American Students Attack School Over Facebook Loan Advice

Apparently, some American University students don't like being told that they're screwing up their student loans. Especially when that advice is coming from the school whose high tuition they took those loans out to pay for in the first place.
On Monday, American posted on its Facebook page to ask students to try taking out federal [...]

Breastfeeding AU Professor Hits Talk-Show Circuit

In case you crave more news about breastfeeding American University professor and "militant medical anthropologist" Adrienne Pine, FishbowlDC notices that she's appearing tomorrow on Katie Couric's talk show. From the description of the episode, which also features Sofia Vergara:
Plus, is breastfeeding OK in class? American University professor and single mother Adrienne Pine joins Katie to [...]

Breast-Feeding American Professor Apologizes to Student Reporters

Everyone's already had their say on whether American University's The Eagle student paper should have reported on Professor Adrienne Pine breast-feeding in class. Everyone, that is, except for The Eagle.
Now, just when everyone was sick of hearing about lactivists, The Eagle has come out with a story about the squabble that was set off after [...]

District Line Daily: Track Work Woes

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Metro chaos ahead this weekend, as the Red Line won't operate in five stations—Metro Center, [...]

AU Professor, Newspaper Fight Over Breasts

Are American University students so unbelievably hard up that even a breastfeeding professor will titillate them?
That's the unavoidable sense you get after reading AU anthropology professor Adrienne Pine's story about her dispute with the campus paper over whether to run a story about her breastfeeding in class.
Without childcare options on the first day of her [...]

AU Student Government President Comes Out as Transgender

Until last week, American University students knew their student government president Sarah McBride as Tim McBride. But on the night of April 30, McBride stepped down from office, and into a largely welcoming university community that embraced her decision to come out as a transgender woman after struggling with her gender identity for 21 years.
“At an early age, I also developed [...]

One Last Element of AU Campus Plan Gets Approval

Last update on the American University campus plan for 10 years, we promise (probably): The proposal to convert the underutilized Tenley campus into AU's law school was approved Monday by the Zoning Commission. Last week, the commission okayed the biggest proposal—a new campus that's being built on an eight-acre parking lot. Meanwhile, the Tenley campus [...]

Zoning Commission Approves American University Campus Plan

I was under the weather when this went down, but the Zoning Commission approved American University's 2010 campus plan last week—it will be AU's biggest development yet. The Eagle has the details:
The plan allows the University to add 1,100 beds and provide on-campus housing for 67 percent of students by 2016, according to a March [...]

AU Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

Attention American University students: Some of the folks who compile your report cards will soon carry union cards.
In a month-long election administered by the National Labor Relations Board, 379 AU adjuncts voted to be represented by Service Employees International Union Local 500. 284 voted against. AU joins about a dozen U.S. private college campuses where [...]

AU Stops Supporting University it Founded in Nigeria

The Eagle notes that AU is no longer directly involved with a Nigerian school it helped found in 2005, the American University of Nigeria (AUN):
AUN, located in Yola, was founded in January 2004 as a collaborative effort between AU and the vice president of Nigeria and prominent businessman Atiku Abubakar.
AU and the school had a [...]

AU Gets Ranked Second Most Expensive School By Useless Website

Unless you are a) a high school student applying for college, b) a person who works at a college, or c) the parent of someone who is applying to a college, you may not be aware of the cottage industry of websites for the college-bound. These sites are the bane of universities, largely because they [...]

WAMU Gets New Digs

WAMU 88.5 is getting a new home. American University just signed on to buy the building at 4401 Connecticut Ave. NW, and WAMU is expected to occupy more than half the space—doubling the current space it has at 4000 Brandywine St. NW. The move will put the public radio station near the Van Ness Metro [...]

The Union Forever at AU?

Attention, part-time profs: Are you in or are you out? Starting today, adjunct faculty at American University will begin voting on whether or not to join the Service Employees International Union.
Supporters say collective bargaining can help improve pay and job security for adjuncts, the academic world’s version of migrant labor. Non-tenure-track faculty are generally paid [...]