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Listen to Jeff Bezos Meet Washington Post Staffers

Despite our proximity to the Washington Post newsroom (about four blocks away) and our similar names, Washington City Paper was unable to legally get into Jeff Bezos' much-anticipated pep rally with his new staff.
But like all good pseudo-media reporters, I was glued to Twitter the entire time and have summed up the gist of what went down [...]

#Amazonfail: Rankings Now Homophobic?

In light of Vertigo Books' announced closing, there was some disturbing bit of corporate nonsense going on at this weekend. [Every blog post on this subject will probably start with, "Twitter was all over the news that..."]. Apparently, the online bookstore began removing the rankings of gay-themed books. The company replied that it tries [...]

The Curse of the Bad DVDs Continues With Slumdog

Only a week after fans of Let the Right One In complained that the retail copies of the DVD offered an awful translation of the film's original Swedish, now Best Picture Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire has been released to the masses sans special features.
That's right: The DVD has only — gasp! — the movie [...]