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Dead-Tree Addition

A few years from now, we may find out some of the problems at the Washington Post can’t be cured by throwing money at them.
Circulation continues to decline, after all, and revenues with them. Digital ads don’t make anywhere near enough money to support the paper’s robust newsgathering operations on their own. As for print [...]

LivingSocial Lost $650 Million in 2012

Looks like jobs weren't the only things being lost at LivingSocial in 2012. According to new SEC filings from investor, the D.C.-based deals company took a net loss of $650 million in 2012, even as its revenue doubled.
LivingSocial took in $536 million in revenue last year, compared to $862 million in operating expenses—a $326 [...]

Amazon Wine Will Ship to D.C., Not the Rest of DMV

We did it, D.C.: Getting crunk without leaving our homes is now even easier. Amazon launched a new wine service yesterday, and Washington is one of the few places in the country that it'll ship to.
Amazon Wine will initially only ship to 12 states and the District, although the company plans to expand its range. [...]