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The Newt Pornographer Strikes Back: Gingrich Named Porn Fan of the Year by Scorned Dinner Date

Allison Vivas once thought she'd be spending Wednesday night in D.C. with Newt Gingrich. Then he stood her up.
Instead of getting mad, Vivas got even. So just as the Scandinavians were doling out the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, Gingrich was being named "Porn Fan of the Year."
Politics played a role in both awards.

This Just In: Gingrich’s Dinner Invite to Pornographer Was Real! But It’s Been Rescinded!

I just got a note from Dan Kotman, spokesman for Newt Gingrich's American Solutions for Winning the Future PAC, in response to my blog post about his boss naming a pornographer his choice for the "Entrepreneur of the Year Award."
After reading the City Desk post, Gingrich has officially withdrawn the award and dinner offer to [...]