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UDC President Allen Sessoms Ousted by Board

The University of the District of Columbia's Board of Trustees announced that it was firing four-year university President Allen Sessoms late Wednesday night, according to a press release from the board.
Board of Trustees Chairwoman Dr. Elaine Crider thanked Sessoms for leading UDC. “But as we grapple with the challenges of reducing staff and programs, continuing [...]

The Needle: Adrian Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Edition

Mayor Who?: Challenging electoral petitions is always a nasty business, since the whole point of the exercise is to keep potential competitors off the ballot—lest they get more votes than you. But even by the usual standards, Sekou Biddle's challenges against various D.C. Council at-large candidates look like they could get ugly. Biddle is challenging [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Gay Momentum & Stagnetti’s Revenge

*PRETTY SOON THEY MIGHT START REPRODUCING: After victories in Iowa and Vermont, "[gay] momentum...could spill into other states," the New York Times speculates.  Closer to home, the D.C. Council voted resoundingly to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.  Jason Cherkis has some comments on that, as well as some intriguing internal polling, here.

Dan Tan Plows Ahead on Numbers

More on City Administrator Dan Tangherlini's budget powwows. Post lunch, the city's top day-to-day manager had three additional rounds of discussions with agency directors on money—first with the Office of Property Management (OPM). "We need to find savings everywhere we can," said Tangherlini to OPM Director Robin-Eve Jasper. "We're doing to look to you for [...]

UDC Approves Tuition Hike

The University of the District of Columbia's board of trustees has voted to approve a controversial tuition hike, one that would nearly double tuition over the course of two years.
Of the board's 14 members, 10 voted in favor. Three members—Verizon exec Joseph Askew, alumni representative Eugene Dewitt Kinlow, and student representative Dale Lyons—voted against. One [...]

UDC Tuition Hikes: Get Over It

Yesterday, students at the University of the District of Columbia marched and camped in at the school's Van Ness campus to protest steep hikes in the school's tuition. Today the Board of Trustees for the University of the District of Columbia is voting on that plan, which would raise tuition for students in four-year programs [...]