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The Annie Le Media Fest: It’s Not Just About the Ivies

As Jack Shafer observes in yesterday's column, the Annie Le murder has received the sort of national coverage usually reserved for celebrity deaths and award-show gaffes. To wit, Shafer's incomplete but telling catalog:
The New York Times...has already published five articles about Le's disappearance and murder and the apprehension of suspect Raymond Clark III. The Boston [...]

Ghost Bikes Now Just a Big Mess

Says why.i.hate.dc, which has a photo. Legba Carrefour, get yourself down there, my man!
(Previous ghost bike coverage: 1 2 3 4
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Photos: Ghost Bikes Return and Multiply

More on the ghost bikes

Ghost Bikes Return to Dupont Circle: Alice Swanson Rides Again

Legba Carrefour left for Dupont Circle at 5 a.m. this morning with a borrowed truck full of white bikes. The Columbia Heights resident, 27, didn't know Alice Swanson, the struck-and-killed cyclist whose memorial was removed from the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and 20th and R Streets NW last month.
But Carrefour, who says he's been two-wheeling [...]

The Ghost Bike(s) Are Back! See Them Here!

City Paper managing editor Andrew Beaujon is hot on the case of the proliferation of ghost bikes near Dupont Circle, mentioned in City Desk's Morning Roundup this morning (so far, he has counted 16 rather than the 22 reported by the blog Alice Swanson Rides Again, but still).

Morning Roundup: “You Lie!” Edition

ANOTHER HORSE'S ASS NAMED JOE WILSON, this time a Republican, breaks decorum and accidentally says what he thinks. This is a cause of great concern! In American politics, there is a ridiculously precious conceit called decorum, which means you can Twitter a retort or pound your opponents on a chat show later, but you must [...]

Alice Swanson’s Family Made a New Memorial

Anna Shoup emailed City Paper with news that Alice Swanson's aunt was at the intersection of Connecticut and R streets NW today, where she replaced her niece's memorial ghost bike (which the Department of Public Works removed on Friday) with flowers and a hand-written sign that reads, "Why has the mayor taken the bike?"

Tomorrow’s Ride of Silence to Honor Killed Cyclists Alice Swanson, Ian Wolfe, Brent Hurd

D.C. cyclists are planning a local route as part of the national Ride of Silence tomorrow that will pass the places where Alice Swanson and Ian Wolfe died, as well as American Univeristy, where Brent Hurd, killed while cycling in India, taught.
The ride will start at 7 p.m. at the Jefferson Memorial and will be [...]

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2000 Block of R Street NW, July 9

Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
The "ghost bike" memorial for 22-year-old Alice Swanson was installed anonymously where she died yesterday at 20th and R streets in Dupont Circle.
The tragedy is one that hits home for many: for Alice's coworkers and former coworkers, for her housemates in Mount Pleasant, for her friends in D.C. and from college at [...]