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Ali Mohammed’s Family Will Sue DC9

Almost a year to the day of Ali Mohammed's death outside DC9 on 9th Street NW, his family will mark the anniversary of his passing with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, says a press release issued by the family's spokesperson. Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., it promises, Mohammed's family and supporters will gather outside DC9 to annouce [...]

Months After a Tragedy, Restrictions on DC9 are Lifted

Last night, 9th Street NW nightclub DC9 held a fundraiser for Ethiopian charities from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Though the event wasn't advertised via the club's event calendar, fliers were distributed in the vicinity of the establishment. At a Jan. 19 Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration hearing, the liquor board urged [...]

DC9 Employees Can Go Back to Work

Talk about a reversal of fortune: City liquor authorities ruled today that the five DC9 employees who were once charged with murder in the death of Ali Mohammed outside the club can get their jobs back.

The Needle: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn Edition

After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby: Nothing goes together quite as well as luxury hotel suites and jumbo slices of pizza. Which is why the District is considering giving $46 million in tax abatements to the developers of a new Ian Schrager/Marriott partnership that would build a hotel at Columbia Road and Champlain Street [...]

City Blocked Liquor Board From Seeing MPD’s DC9 File

Before the Alcoholic Beverage Control board gave the go-ahead for DC9 to reopen, they tried to get a look at Ali Ahmed Mohammed's homicide investigation.The administrators subpoenaed information related to MPD's still open case, but Attorney General Peter Nickles ran interference by filing a motion to quash the request.
"The subpoena requests [...]

Protesters Gather for Ali Mohammed

On Friday, prosecutors announced they were dropping aggravated assault charges against DC9 nightclub co-owner Bill Spieler and former club employees Darryl Carter, Evan Preller, Reginald Phillips, and Arthur Zaloga. Today, on a chilly morning, the family, friends, and supporters of Ali Ahmed Mohammed gathered in force to protest that decision. The livid crowd, many of [...]