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Alexandria Residents Titillated, Well-Read's  new list of the most "well-read" American cities reveals a shocking fact about one of Washington's southern neighbors: Alexandria residents love their books as much as they love their smut.
Alexandria residents bought more books per capita from Amazon than people in any other American city, which the e-commerce site claims makes Alexandria the [...]

The Needle: Creeping Cash


Big Money: It's long been difficult to track corporate contributions in District politics. Now, thanks to the D.C. Council, it's even harder. -4
Oi, Guvna: The Alexandria City Library system is holding two marathon Downton Abbey watch parties on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28. "We thought it'd be the perfect way to give people in the [...]

Photos: Dog Swim Day

Slideshow.  Cameron Run Regional Park, Alexandria, VA.  Sept. 8th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Alexandria Signs On For Capital BikeShare

Good news for the Obamas: Next time they want to have a date in Alexandria, they can just hop on bikes from the private, secret Capital BikeShare station behind White House gates and roll on down to Old Town. The Post reports that the city has agreed to join the Capital BikeShare system, adding six stations [...]

The Needle: The Pot Price Is Too Damn High Edition

Legalize, Or At Least Discount, It: The District's medicinal marijuana program is moving along, albeit not as quickly as some might like. But what about those of us who don't qualify under the strict regulations? Turns out we're overpaying for pot. A study by Floating Sheep published in Wired this month found D.C. pays, on average, [...]

The Needle: Pokémon Edition

Games Without Frontiers: In the mid-1990s, Pokémon video games, anime cartoons, and merchandise were wildly popular, despite the fact that the TV show caused occasional seizures. Now comes news on two related fronts: Pokémon still exists, and the D.C. area is home to one of its champions. McLean resident Wolfe Glick, 15, won the Masters [...]

Today in D.C. History: District’s Virginia Territory Retroceded to Old Dominion

The District didn’t always resemble a piece of squareish bread with a huge bite-size chunk missing. Once upon a time—more than 160 years ago—Arlington County and part of the city of Alexandria fell within the District's limits, completing a full diamond that spanned the Potomac River.
Or at least it did until 1847, when the federal [...]

Photo: Braddock Rd.

© 2011 Michael W. Hicks

Today in D.C. History: Army Colonel’s Killing in Alexandria Prompts ‘State of Shock’ in D.C.

On May 24, 1861, Elmer E. Ellsworth, a 24-year-old Army colonel and close friend of President Abraham Lincoln, became the first Union officer killed during the Civil War. According to the 2003 spring/summer edition of Washington History magazine, Ellsworth, of the New York Zouaves Regiment, was shot and killed when he removed a Confederate flag [...]

Today in D.C. History: Escaped National Zoo Magpie Recaptured

On April 20, 1983, a magpie that had escaped from the National Zoo a week earlier was finally recaptured, after traveling through both Arlington and Alexandria in its attempt for freedom.

The magpie, which had lived at the zoo since being donated in 1973, escaped through wires "knocked awry by the constant walking of parakeets with [...]

The Needle: Rain, Rain, Go Away Edition

Now That It's Raining More Than Ever: First, we need to preface this item by saying we do know there's nothing more annoying than breathless news reports telling you what the weather's doing. You know what the weather's like! You have windows! That said... Have you noticed it's been raining? The District, predictably, fell to [...]

Photos: Dog Swim Day

Photos: Out in the Rain

Photo: Fence

Alexandria, VA.

Photos: Snowstorm of ’09 Redux

Safeway, Alexandria, VA 12/18.