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Alcohol + Caffeine = No-No, FTC Says

Sorry to break this news: But it turns out that mixing caffeine and alcohol may not the best way to party all night and get up for work the next morning, chipper as ever.
The maker of the caffeinated schnapps Wide Eye has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its advertisements were “deceptive, unsubstantiated, and [...]

Welcome to Dewey Beach

Hello. I'm Rob Kunzig. I'm a reporter and editor living in coastal Delaware, and I want to introduce you to Dewey Beach.
A mile south of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Route 1 swerves right and the speed limit drops to 30. A marquee advertises the bands blowing through town that week, mostly burnt-out ’90s legends and cover [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Liquored up and Ready to Fight

Good morning, City Desk readers. Some news:

OffSeventh has a message for Feinstein and Bennett, regarding extended bar hours for inauguration: "Stick to your states unless you are willing to pay for this whole thing." Edgar says, "I’m sick of these new arrivals trying to smear their smelly poop all over the most excellent party to [...]

Extended Inauguration Drinking Hours Not a Done Deal!

DCist points to a load of confusion over the District's plans to extend drinking hours in the days leading up to the inauguration.
Here's what LL knows: This is not a done deal, and it looks likely that the 5 a.m. hour will change.
This morning, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham walked into the pre-legislative-session breakfast meeting [...]

NFL Fan Code of Conduct

Steinberg's got the memo.
Anyone who's been to a preseason game got any reports on the effectiveness of the new policy so far?
Here's another idea: Ban alcohol sales within the stadium and consumption outside the stadium. Last Redskins game I went to offered remarkably good arguments for such a policy—from the guys doing "Sean!" "Taylor!" call-and-response [...]