The Needle: Buy Swiss Francs Edition

Can You Pay My Bills?: The last time the U.S. faced a major budget crisis was in April, when it wasn't clear that Congress would be able to get its collective shit together to pass legislation in time to keep the government of the nation that purports to be the most powerful in the world [...]

Redskins 2010 Ticket-Selling Campaign Mimicked MPD’s Curfew Law Promotion in Sloganeering and Effectiveness

At the end of the last school year, the Metropolitan Police Department released a new multi-media campaign to promote the District's longstanding curfew laws, which require anybody under 17 to be off the streets in the wee hours.
The MPD's money line: "Are U In?"
Videos were posted on youtube. Digital posters were made available online for [...]

Drink In the Haynesworth Drama

Somebody's having fun with the Albert Haynesworth debacle.
Sportstalker WJFK-FM quickly cooked up a promotion to exploit yet another ridiculous situation coming out of Redskins Park. The station, also known as "The Fan," is sponsoring an "Unhappy Hour" in honor of the suspended lineman/distraction. It'll be held tomorrow night at the American Tap Room in Reston, [...]

The Needle: No New Taxes Edition

All Your Budget Are Belong to Us: All the tax talk up on Capitol Hill must be contagious. The D.C. Council approved a plan to close this year's $188 million budget deficit without raising taxes on anyone, defeating one plan that would have had millionaires paying more, and another that would have raised rates for [...]

Free Albert! Haynesworth Begs Redskins to “Unleash Me!”

It's the interview of the century, or at least last night.
"All you gotta do is take off the daggone leash," Albert Haynesworth said on WFJK-FM's Kevin and Rock Show last night. "We're not little girls. Nothing wrong with being a girl or anything. But I'm a man... Unleash me and let me go... let me [...]

For Redskins Storylines, Haynesworth Still No. 1 With a Bullet

The oldest team in the NFL looked feeble and future-free in New York. But some local media types plumbed the sewage and found things for Redskins backers to feel good about.
Washington Post columnist Tom Boswell wrote how he made one anonymous Redskins Pro Bowler after another—who knew the Skins roster was so loaded with all-stars?—as [...]

Head Games: When Will Concussion Repercussions Hit the NFL?

I crave the NFL's televised product. But this hi-def age makes it hard not to notice that the game is about as cruel to the players as Michael Vick was to his dogs. Yesterday was particularly brutal for grey matter matters.
During the Redskins/Colts matchup, we got to see Indy ball carrier Joseph Addai have the life sucked out of him in slo-motion [...]

Haynesworth + Strasburg = Tortoise + Hare?

Once again: Everything you need to know about D.C. sports this year you could have learned in grammar school.
A while back it occurred to me that the two biggest local sports stories of the summer, Stephen Strasburg and Albert Haynesworth, were starting to resemble "The Tortoise and the Hare."
Strasburg had people asking if he was [...]

The Needle: Lion Love Edition

What To Expect When Lions Are Expecting: National Zoo officials say Shera and Nababiep, their two female lions, are both pregnant. The only male lion in Woodley Park, Luke, is the father. Apparently, things get exciting at the Zoo after hours! (Or at least, officials think things get exciting; the pregnancy may be only imaginary. "There's always room for error," [...]

Who Ends Up Ahead, Strasburg or Haynesworth?

Everything I need to know about D.C. sports in the summer of 2010 I learned from "Tortoise and the Hare."
The lead players in the two biggest sports dramas in the market are exchanging roles.
Stephen Strasburg's physical condition became a big question mark out of nowhere. Now he's leaving games early, and leaving fans to wonder [...]

The Needle: Serial Killer Alert Edition

Michigan Serial Killer Migrates South?: Authorities say the vehicle used by the attacker in a recent assault in Leesburg, Va., matches the description of the vehicle police believe an attacker used near Flint, Mich., earlier this year. That's bad news; in Michigan, authorities think the same suspect has killed five people and wounded eight others [...]

D.C.’s Savior Complex: Loose Lips Daily

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In CASE YOU MISSED IT—"LaVar's Crazy Gender Studies," "Fifth Amendment Doesn't Apply To Feces-Flinging Inmate," "Lanier Denies Covering Up Fenty Abuse," "Shooting In Congress Heights," "Vincent Gray's Education Plan [...]

Redskins’ Scratch Ticket Game Ends With Head-Scratching Stats

Who gets the $2 million?
The Virginia Lottery recently ended Redskins Mania, the Redskins scratch ticket offer. The tickets cost $20 apiece. But several weeks after the last ticket was sold, there's a lot of money that never found its way back to lottery players.
Two of the three million dollar giveaways hailed when the Redskins Mania [...]

Fenty & His Cheat Sheets: Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Michael Price's Ex-Lover Forced To Testify At Wone Trial," "Librarian Layoffs Rattle Cleveland Park," "World Cup Roundup: Brazil Backers Blitz Bethesda Bar," "Affordable [...]

Stripper Names Redskins’ Haynesworth in Paternity Suit

Describing the latest Albert Haynesworth scandal using only his preferred barroom parlance: The skinny bitch ain't on the rag.
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