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Half-Baked Alaska: Post Paid for Alaska Love Trip

This weekend's Washington Post Magazine story about two single Post reporters looking for love in Alaska's women-starved wastes has come in for some knocks here and elsewhere, but the news may be worse for the Post's budget. According to Post Magazine editor Lynn Medford, the paper paid the travel expenses for the nearly 5,000 mile trip. [...]

Post Reporters Attempt to Seduce, Are Spooked by Alaskan Men

Fellas! There aren't enough of them in D.C. for Post reporters Tara Bahrampour and Annie Gowen, who decided to solve their singleness by cruising for men in Alaska, where the gender demographics are more in their favor.
Alas, Gowen and Bahrampour don't seem to have considered why D.C. hasn't been inundated by Alaskan mail-order grooms: a [...]

Ted Stevens Can Go Back To Enjoying Luxury Items

Wow. Prosecutors are dropping their case against Ted Stevens. Apparently, they withheld evidence at his trial that the Alaskan senator could have used in his defense. They will not seek a new trial. The 85-year-old was convicted last year on seven counts of lying on a financial disclosure form about hundreds of thousands of dollars [...]