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Our Morning Roundup: Leave the John Alone!

After learning that someone had posted the transcript from last weekend's prostitution sting on City Desk and the Sexist, I had to ask myself: What the fuck is our problem? Aren't we the alternative weekly in town? Aren't finger-wagging and gotcha blog items the purview of the nannying prudes at the Post and the Examiner, [...]

WaPo: We Need those Bonus-Receiving AIG Managers

Nice to wake up to a contrarian take on the most explosive issue of the day. This morning, the Washington Post editorial board expressed support for the $165 million in bonuses for the people who were pivotal in bringing down insurance giant-turned-government–appendage AIG. Here's the reasoning:
For better or worse, the U.S. government — i.e., [...]

Update: City Paper Flagging

Ignore yesterday's glass fully empty post about no City Paper Christmas Party for 2008!
Looks like we are going the AIG route after all! I have it on the highest possible authority that invites will be going out later today for a Dec. 17 company bash, to be held at some local drinkery.
Loose Lips: Get Fenty [...]