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Yokel Angle

Back in the day, slanting national outdoor advertising campaigns to all but the largest markets was usually too costly. And when someone did pay to print a few hundred subway posters for a system the size of the Metro, they’d usually scrimp on content, reasoning that we local yokels would be so flattered by the [...]

Green Mountain Coffee Learns Its Lesson

Green Mountain Coffee came in for some justified mockery over its recent Metro advertising campaign, which seemed to suggest its patrons should—gasp!—break Metro's rules while commuting. Here's the ad as it looked in the Farragut West station last month:

And here's the new ad running in its place in the same station today:

Special bonus: They avoided [...]

Alcohol + Caffeine = No-No, FTC Says

Sorry to break this news: But it turns out that mixing caffeine and alcohol may not the best way to party all night and get up for work the next morning, chipper as ever.
The maker of the caffeinated schnapps Wide Eye has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its advertisements were “deceptive, unsubstantiated, and [...]

City Paper: Still Good for Something, Like Free Burgers

So the City Paper may be part of a bankrupt chain and we may be guilty of a bankrupt form of alternative journalism, but we can still sell burgers, dammit!
The "Free Burger Day" coupon in this week's issue has generated a long line of freeloaders today looking to cash in at Z-Burger, the Tenleytown joint [...]