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Breastfeeding AU Professor Hits Talk-Show Circuit

In case you crave more news about breastfeeding American University professor and "militant medical anthropologist" Adrienne Pine, FishbowlDC notices that she's appearing tomorrow on Katie Couric's talk show. From the description of the episode, which also features Sofia Vergara:
Plus, is breastfeeding OK in class? American University professor and single mother Adrienne Pine joins Katie to [...]

Breast-Feeding American Professor Apologizes to Student Reporters

Everyone's already had their say on whether American University's The Eagle student paper should have reported on Professor Adrienne Pine breast-feeding in class. Everyone, that is, except for The Eagle.
Now, just when everyone was sick of hearing about lactivists, The Eagle has come out with a story about the squabble that was set off after [...]

District Line Daily: Track Work Woes

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Metro chaos ahead this weekend, as the Red Line won't operate in five stations—Metro Center, [...]

AU Professor, Newspaper Fight Over Breasts

Are American University students so unbelievably hard up that even a breastfeeding professor will titillate them?
That's the unavoidable sense you get after reading AU anthropology professor Adrienne Pine's story about her dispute with the campus paper over whether to run a story about her breastfeeding in class.
Without childcare options on the first day of her [...]

Whole Foods Protesters Miss the Salad Bar

Single Payer Action promised yesterday to picket Whole Foods stores in New York, Austin, and D.C., and today, picketing they are: Neatly, sweetly, and sweatily, making the lunch scene at 1440 P St. NW the most bucolic  in the history of organic-food-store protests.
Holding up a piece of orange poster board three times as wide [...]