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Coming Soon: New Loose Lips

If you've missed Loose Lips—and with a campaign season in full swing, who hasn't?—don't despair. Starting Tuesday, Washington City Paper will send the latest LL down to the Wilson Building to bring back a full complement of news, political insight and insider gossip every week (in the paper) and every day (right here on
Actually, [...]

NFL’s—and Dunbar’s—Vernon Davis Headlines Gray Fundraiser

In the battle for celebrity endorsements, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty struck first, with a go-go concert celebrating his campaign. And now Council Chairman Vincent Gray is getting into the act, too.
Tonight, at Ozio, Gray will mingle with "young professionals" and NFL tight end Vernon Davis—a Dunbar graduate who also played basketball and competed in track [...]

Weekend in Review

Though much of the snow has cleared and is now flowing into storm drains, the Washington Post is still on the story, in an opiniony sort of way. Longtime Postie Vanessa Williams notes that Adrian M. Fenty the Ward 4 councilmember never would have swallowed some of the excuses Adrian M. Fenty the mayor has [...]

Weekend in Review: Snowbigdeal

Everything's closed, we got tons of snow, there's more in the forecast. Yeah, we know all of the above.
What we really want to know is what happened within the administration of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty between roughly 5 pm and 9 pm. At the former hour, his people put out the word that the [...]

Shelton Pledges “Coalition” to Support Gray Run

R. Donahue Peebles has had his say regarding the 2010 mayoral race.
So, now, has the Washington Post.
Which brings up the next question: What does Cardell Shelton have to say about the matter?

Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—No, you didn't miss it.
Morning all. Big news of this Dead Week Tuesday is that a tree fell. Indeed, early on Tuesday morning, three [...]

Weekend in Review: Guns and Snowball Fights

There'll be a lot of attention paid this week to how well the administration of Adrian M. Fenty cleans up the snowstorm. Will it get to the rezzy streets soon enough? Will it send all those Bobcats into the alleys to help people get out of their garages? Will it come up with a bunch [...]

Fenty Names New Interim Head of Parks and Rec

Jesús Aguirre, the new boss of the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), has quite a bit in common with the departing boss, Ximena Hartsock:

Spitzer to Fenty: A $1,000 Campaign Donation

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's massive re-election fundraising drive has brought unsurprising results–a boatload of money from the business world (especially real estate developers) along with some smaller chunks of cash from ordinary folks. As of July 31, $2.7 million.
One contribution, though, sticks out among the lawyers and executives: $1,000 from "Spitzer, Eliot" at "985 5th [...]

Breaking: Judge Grants Restraining Order Stopping Wish List Eviction

This just in from Loose Lips correspondent Mike DeBonis: A D.C. Superior Court judge just moments ago granted a temporary restraining order stopping the eviction of Cora Masters Barry's Recreation Wish List Committee from its home at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. The order comes about a month after the administration of Mayor [...]

Fenty Losing His Grip? Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
Morning all. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty: Everyone knows he's had a bad year. A slip on the firetruck thing, a stumble on the pool heater, and a general haughtiness [...]

Fenty Should Have Ordered Heater at Francis Pool!

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has taken tons of heat for the installation of a heater in city's East Potomac outdoor pool. Seemed like a great amenity for a die-hard triathlete, a classic use of public resources for personal enjoyment, even though Fenty denied having anything to do with it.
Now that the hubbub over Warmwatergate has [...]

Fenty Gets Stiff Competition from Michael A. Brown

No, not on the political front, stupid. On the technology front.
Hizzoner long ago made a name for himself as a BlackBerryholic. One for general city business, one for critical, emergency alerts from police Chief Cathy Lanier and other public safety biz; and a third! for personal stuff.
Now here comes At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown, [...]

Mayoral Bullpen: Big on Starbucks

One staffer at the Mayoral Bullpen at the John A. Wilson Building walked into the office at approximately 8:55 am carrying four Starbucks beverages. The Keurig machine in the bullpen doesn't get much rotation. Says communications chief for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty: "People use it for tea a lot."
Reporting by Mike DeBonis

Mr. Mayor: Why Did You Flip-Flop on FEMS?

My apologies to anyone who's been trying to get a hold of me for the past hour. I've been too busy giving pageviews to the Washingtonian. For good reason, too. The mag's February issue has a 14-Web-page expose on the city's Fire and Emergency Medical Services (FEMS) department.
The investigative piece, which puts to shame [...]