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The Needle: 140-Character Humor Edition

The Funniest Fenty You'll Ever See: From the Huffington Post comes an exhaustingly detailed compilation of some of the best politics-related fake Twitter accounts. Most of the 19 nominees are big political players or national in scope, but a few specific to local D.C.—as in, not Congress—made the list. @WorkOutWemple, a parody of incoming Washington Post [...]

Care For a Dip, Your Honor?

With sizzling sun on tap for Memorial Day, D.C.’s political media is turning its thoughts poolside.
And no, that’s not because Thursday’s massive recall on pool drains—issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission—threatened to chase swimmers away from pools faster than a wayward Baby Ruth bar. Thankfully, local watering holes are safe.
“So far, we're not affected [...]

What’s the Frequency, Yglesias?

Crime happens everywhere. But it’s safe to say that crimes against journalists who think about public policy issues happen a lot more frequently in Washington than anywhere else. And when they do, it’s a good bet the incident will make it into the media before long—usually wrapped up in a politically-tinged argument. Some media figures [...]

Today in D.C. History: Nickles Hand-Delivers Baseball Tickets to D.C. Council

On May 16, 2008, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles personally delivered controversial baseball tickets to then-D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, ending one of the more mind-boggling standoffs between councilmembers and the administration of then-Mayor Adrian Fenty. At least for that year.
At the center of the dispute were 19 tickets in Suite 61 at the taxpayer-funded [...]

The Needle: Budget Blues Edition

Talkin' About Money: After weeks of signaling no tax increases would be forthcoming, Mayor Vince Gray unveiled his 2012 budget with... a brand-new 8.9 percent tax bracket on people making more than $200,000. The budget also includes major cuts to social services, new fees on DMV requests, new parking fees, and a doubling of the [...]

D.C. Shocked by Demographic Change! (Again.)

Yesterday's Census report detailing the past decade's demographic changes gets major play across the city's media today. The Washington Post disptatches reporters to three District neighborhoods in search of anecdotes to confirm what the new data tells us: The city's white population has grown by a third, while its African American population has plummeted.
With fresh [...]

The Needle: Spring Fund Drive Edition

Video Killed the Radio Star: The bad news continues for National Public Radio, as another hidden-camera tape by right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe shows executives were aware of the phony gift O'Keefe's stunt was pretending to pass along to the network. With the federal budget what it is (which is to say, bad, if not quite [...]

The Needle: No Tickets Edition

Fenty Goes Tea Party: Good thing for former Mayor Adrian Fenty no one watches Morning Joe—otherwise, most of the goodwill he still had among liberal D.C. voters who backed him last year would have evaporated, when he went on MSNBC to declare he agrees with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's drive to end collective bargaining for [...]

The Needle: Adrian Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Edition

Mayor Who?: Challenging electoral petitions is always a nasty business, since the whole point of the exercise is to keep potential competitors off the ballot—lest they get more votes than you. But even by the usual standards, Sekou Biddle's challenges against various D.C. Council at-large candidates look like they could get ugly. Biddle is challenging [...]

The Needle: Riggo Safari Edition

Millions and Millions: A month ago, Mayor Vince Gray’s team released their new, terrifying estimate of the budget gap facing the District in fiscal 2012: $600 million. But today, chief financial officer Natwar Gandhi declared the actual shortfall will be $312 million. The difference, apparently, is due to higher than expected tax revenue from commercial properties; [...]

The Needle: Dollar and a Dream Edition

No Taxation Without Taxation Without Representation: Tired of watching the District get shoved around by the feds? Just this once, savor the usual order of things being reversed. The IRS announced today that federal income taxes will be due on Monday, April 18, instead of Friday, April 15, because April 15 is Emancipation Day, a [...]

The Needle: Lunar Eclipse Edition

Security Theater: The usual delays on the Metro this morning had an explanation—the transit system debuted its random bag searches. Authorities questioned one man for eight minutes at the Braddock Road station, apparently because his bag had some sort of household chemicals on it, but stopped a grand total of zero terrorists. Which is pretty [...]

The Needle: I Paid for Those Turkeys Edition

Flapjake Fenty: Anyone wondering what Still Mayor Adrian Fenty will be doing for a living when his title changes to Former Mayor Adrian Fenty can wonder no more. Turns out the IHOP uniform suits him fine. The only problem will be when the obsessive triathlete has to take orders from customers eager to try the [...]

Was Chief Cathy Lanier Supposed to Resign Today? Don’t Ask Cop Kris Baumann

D.C. police union chief  Kristopher Baumann has had a tough time getting through dinner of late. Just last Wednesday, members of a news outlet Baumann declines to name called him six times as he tried to scoop his vittles. If it's not reporters coming at him, it's residents: "I tried to [...]

The Needle: Snow Nostalgia Edition

No Snow Más: If you went out and bought a snowmobile (or as Todd and Sarah Palin call them, a snow machine) during last winter's endless blizzards in hopes of using it to get around this winter... there may soon be one more used snowmobile up for sale on eBay. The National Weather Service and [...]