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DC Eagle Won’t Reopen Nov. 22 as Planned

It is unclear when it will open.

After Residents Complain, Dupont’s Ozio Forced to Limit Music on Its Roof

The group of Dupont residents who frequently jaunt through their neighborhood streets with sound meters are apparently not wasting their weekend nights in vain. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ruled this month that Dupont's Ozio Restaurant & Cigar Lounge will no longer be able to have live bands perform on its roof. The establishment on the 1800 block [...]

Cheers! Online Booze Delivery Services Can Now Operate in the District

Remain in your La-Z-Boys, D.C. Online-based booze delivery is now legal in the District.
The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board announced that it has issued new guidelines that allow websites and apps to provide alcohol services in the city.
The legality of such services came into question after Ultra–a website that partners with local liquor stores to deliver alcohol in less than [...]

Could a Loud Bar Get a Pass Because Its ANC Was Playing Hooky?

Most of the time, restaurants and bars that have violated city noise ordinances have a lot to fear from Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, whose votes can influence whether D.C. booze authorities will allow rowdy establishments to keep their liquor licenses. U Street NW's New Town Kitchen and Lounge might get lucky, however—not because it swayed its local ANC commissioners, but [...]

Adams Morgan Liquor License Moratorium Lifted for Restaurants

D.C. alcohol regulators have lifted a moratorium restricting new liquor licenses for restaurants in Adams Morgan while extending for three years the current ban on new licenses for taverns and nightclubs. The Alcohol Beverage Control board announced the decision at a meeting this morning.
The liquor license moratorium expired on April 16, 2014, but the board voted on an emergency [...]

ABRA Reviews Online Liquor Delivery Services

It turns out booze-delivery services can't escape D.C.'s brick and mortar liquor laws. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration says it is reviewing Web-based alcohol-delivery services Ultra and Instacart.
ABRA wants to ensure that the businesses are in compliance with District alcohol laws, particularly because they're not selling the alcohol face-to-face with customers and can only [...]

D.C.’s Noisiest Bars, According to the District Government

There's a lot of noise being made these days about, well, noise.
Last month, I followed around the D.C. Nightlife Noise Coalition, a group that formed to combat what it says are Dupont's excessively noisy bars. And in March, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration announced that its joint noise task force with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory [...]

Shhhhhhh! You’re in a D.C. Bar!

The residents of Dupont may soon be able to sleep a little more soundly. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration announced that it would be kicking off a noise laws campaign this evening—a campaign that will encourage establishments to learn about and comply with D.C. noise laws that are already on the books.
The campaign comes after [...]

Citizen Vigilante Group Forms to Combat Noise in Dupont

The Dupont Circle neighborhood may no longer be D.C.'s epicenter of cool, but according to at least one local group, the area's club-goers are still plenty loud.
The D.C. Noise Control Act limits noise levels at night to 60 decibels—which is about the roar of a normal conversation—and the newly formed D.C. Nightlife Noise Coalition says the [...]

Shaw’s Tavern Altered Documents With ‘Correction Fluid’

I must admit I was surprised yesterday by the announcement that the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board denied Shaw's Tavern a license to serve alcohol. Until I read the findings, that is. The document, via Prince of Petworth, details each step that owner Abbas Fathi and former manager Steve May messed up. (Misstep 1. Fail to get Certificate of [...]

Tased and Confused

If you're a burgeoning nightspot, it's not a good idea to electrocute customers.
Layla Lounge, located at 501 Morse Street NE, promises that it's the "newest, sexiest, hottest club in D.C." Before March 21, Leah Davis might have agreed. That's the day the 4'11" Davis says a 6'3" male bouncer zapped her an excruciating three times [...]

ABC Board: D.C. Liquor Cops Not for Sale

One hearing this week about a liquor-license violation could have been routine. The Dupont Circle restaurant One Lounge, which often caters to a well-heeled international crowd, hired a D.J. on New Year's Eve. A surprise inspection by an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration investigator that evening discovered that the DJ shouldn't have [...]

A Terrible Beauty at Carolina Palace?

In the Illiad, when Greek forces happened to catch a glimpse of Helen, the woman they'd been fighting a costly war with the Trojans over (Paris just had to have her), they commiserated: "Beauty, terrible beauty."
Dominican eatery and bar Carolina Palace, on 14th Street NW, might say the same thing, if [...]

Spot Lounge, or P Spot?

At an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration hearing today, an investigator said a Dupont Circle nightclub served alcohol to minors, and that one underage George Washington University student who was served ended up semi-conscious, getting raped.
According to an investigative report prepared by ABRA agents, on the night of Oct. 2, the 18-year-old [...]

Future of Medical Marijuana in the District Slow-Moving and Hazy

Vince Gray's deliberateness is shining in a few areas this week—one of which is medical marijuana.
A town hall hosted by the D.C. Patients' Cooperative last night was scheduled a month ago; the advocates that organized it had hoped that by the time the town hall occurred, the mayor would have signed off on regulations approved [...]