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Cheap Seats Daily: An Awful Ending to Monk and Mann’s Neverending Story?

In case you missed it: "Art Monk and Charles Mann Sell Former City Property for Millions, Bail On Anacostia Job Training Center."
Over the years, there aren't many things I've written about more than Monk and Mann's training center.
For a decade, the beloved former Redskins said the Carver Theatre building was going to be rebuilt by [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: And If You Break Michael Vick’s Leg, We’ll Throw in a Chew Toy!

Today's Washington Post has a special pro football insert headlined "NFL '09."
The most interesting reading in the 14-page pullout comes in one of its few advertisements. Main Line Animal Rescue, a Philadelphia group that apparently specializes in saving "Bully Breeds" of dogs, bought space in the section.
The ad copy, placed alongside a photo of what [...]

Update: Charity Says All-Star Honoree’s Bogus Bullets Boast Has Been ‘Addressed’

Rob Dixon has at least one thing in common with Gandhi: Gandhi never played for the Bullets, either.
There's one difference between 'em, also: Gandhi never claimed he did.
Now, according to Dixon's charity, he'll stop making such claims.
Dixon was one of the good people featured during pre-game ceremonies at the All Star game. He runs Project [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Nats Take Advantage of Odd Manny Out!

For the first time since the Natinals scandal, the natinal media paid attention to our baseball team yesterday.
Folks only took notice, alas, because our boys were in L.A. while the Dodgers learned they'd be an odd Manny out. For a long time.
Looks like Manny Ramirez took some sort of estrogen. So Manny was just being [...]

The Caps Playoff Opener Didn’t Sell Out?

The Caps have been getting all the attention lately.
So at least one bit of last night's game report from Chinatown by Fox-5's 10 o'clock news gatherer Bob Barnard came as a shock.
The shocking portion:
"Wednesday was Rock the Red towel night at the Verizon Center, but it wasn't a sell out. That said, the tickets that [...]

When the Washington Capitals Needed to Be Saved…

For my column this week I traveled back to the darkest and funniest era in the history of the Washington Capitals: The Summer of '82.
Given how everything's coming up cherry blossoms for the Caps this season, it's hard to imagine the franchise being in the near-death state it was back then.
But the team headed into [...]

United We Leave…or Not

I wrote this week about DC United's management and fans giving up on DC.
I don't want the team to leave town. And though I grew up in the DC suburbs, the idea of building sports venues outside the city is so retro. Not good retro, like the opening riff of "Sweet Home Alabama."* Bad retro, [...]