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Ballers and Cents: Why Is the District Helping Buy Land for a D.C. United Stadium?

When it comes to stadium financing, the private sector ain’t what it used to be.
Consider the Verizon Center. When Abe Pollin, the former owner of the building and its primary tenants, the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals, died four years ago, every tribute made sure to note that he’d paid to construct the downtown arena [...]

Magic Doing Disappearing Act on D.C. Market?

Magic Johnson is getting out of the coffee business. Given other recent transactions involving the Dream Teamer, this could be the beginning of an exodus of Johnson-owned businesses from our area.
The Los Angeles Times reported that Johnson, who made Prince George's County one of his early targets along the way to developing his post-NBA pro-minority-business-ownership persona, sold his [...]

Tale of Two Candidates

For the enviably viable print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Tiffany Alston, a soon-to-be-member of the Maryland House of Delegates. She got to the statehouse because Abe Pollin was a good guy. Really. Pick up a copy, read the column, spend a few days' pay on beer-can-hats and artsy-fartsily crushed pennies at Crafty Bastards.
The Cliff's Notes Version: [...]

Weekend In Review: Did The Hoyas Get Screwed?

The Fish Market flooded! Is it me or do you see those flood warnings think it's BS? Maybe I should take those warnings seriously—especially after seeing pictures of the flooded market. SWDC blog writes:
"An overcast Sunday morning brought surprises to the Southwest Fish Market which was flooded by high water on the Washington Channel [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Is Ralph Friedgen Now the NCAA Heavyweight Champ?

We were told last night that President Obama "has taken us beyond black and white in our politics."
Oh, for somebody to do the same for Georgetown basketball!
(Full disclosure: Repeatedly bringing up the role of race in the Hoyas basketball history will only do wonders for the value of my Tom Lang trading card collection. I [...]

District Limerick: MLK Day

Your volunteer prospects are grim
Since this has filled up to the brim
With cash, you are blessed?
Then let me suggest
You purchase the 'zards on a whim

Go quick, or you'll lose out to Ted
Who wants 'em, now Pollin is dead
He's willing to pay
'Cause the place where they play
Could get the Caps outta the red

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins Drop the Fictional 200,000-Name Waiting List, But Not Ticket Prices?

The lead sentence of yesterday's press release from the Washington Redskins, dated Jan. 13, 2010, announcing the team won't raise ticket prices: "The Redskins have announced that general admission ticket prices for the 2010 season will be unchanged, remaining at the same price for the fifth season in a row.
The lead sentence of last year's press release [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins 1 Is Taken Off Fans’ Radar Screen?

Fantastic tidbit posted on Dan Snyder's message board, extremeskins: Dan Snyder has tired of obsessive fans using their computers to track the whereabouts of Redskins 1. With some reason: All the reports of Snyder's jet flying to and from Denver earlier this week sucked what little PR oomph remained out of the Mike Shanahan signing.
So [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: No Justice, or No Job, at Redskins Park?

The official announcement won't come until later today, but for those on the edge of their seats: Cheap Seats Daily has learned that Dan Snyder is about to be named Cheap Seats Unsportsman of the Year for 2009.
Snyder wins this dishonor pretty much every year. The second he retires it'll be renamed the Dan Snyder [...]

Photos: Mr. Pollin’s Neighborhood

Parade, 1990

Demolition, 1995
In the spirit of giving thanks I suppose I owe Abe Pollin some. I had a darkroom on 9th Street NW in the late 80s to mid-90s at the princely sum of $231 a month, a location I was quickly priced out of with the success of all the redevelopment. But the Gallery [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Busiest Travel Day of the Year Edition

Good morning, readers. Sad news: Abe Pollin has died.
But what I really want to talk about is how today is the Busiest Travel Day of the Year. You may never have heard this, even though it happens every year. It means lots and lots of people will be going from one undisclosed location to another [...]

One of Abe Pollin’s ‘Adopted’ Kids Looks Back on His Philanthropy

Abe Pollin brought big buildings (Cap Centre, Verizon Center) and people (Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali) and teams (Washington Commandos, anyone?) to this area.
But he also brought hope.
"He was a businessman, that's what the accolades were for," said Tiffany Alston, an attorney in Upper Marlboro, upon hearing of Pollin's death. "But looking back now, as an [...]

11 Questions about Abe Pollin

Did his MCI/Verizon Center revitalize Chinatown?
Did he coddle Wes Unseld for too long?
Did he err in changing the name of the Bullets to the Wizards?
Did he treat Michael Jordan too harshly?
Should he have re-signed an injured Gilbert Arenas?
Should he have sold the Wizards to Ted Leonsis instead of the Capitals?
Did he put Landover [...]

Abe Pollin Dies at 85

Abe Pollin—real estate developer, philanthropist, and owner of the Washington Wizards and other sports teams—has died at 85.
Pollin today is remembered most fondly as a sports team owner—the man who bought the Baltimore Bullets to Washington and renamed them Wizards, brought NHL hockey to the city, women's pro basketball, and other sporting endeavors.
He presided over [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Why Is Dan Snyder Shrinking?

Dan Snyder came out of hiding or France or wherever he went while Rome burned to say he's sorry. Well, to say "we" are sorry.
"We feel frustration and we feel sorry for our fans," Snyder told a crowd at an event the Redskins organized. He was standing at a podium in front of a gang [...]