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Club Owners to Pay More Protection Money

This could end up screwing up your favorite venue: Earlier this month, D.C. clubs were given notice that, for some of them, police protection would get more expensive. A city fund that previously supplied a subsidy to establishments struggling to pay for cops has been cut in half. "it's really going [...]

Stripper vs. Stripper

Usually, when a fight breaks out at a strip club, you can blame the macho patrons. But yesterday, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration was scheduled to look into a rumble that happened between two dancers. According to a police report, on Oct. 12, the dancers, employed by Skylark Lounge at 1943 New [...]

The Saloon Refuses to Bow

Though it's become a cornerstone of the neighborhood, don't think Kamal Jahanbein couldn't just up and move The Saloon. He's done it before. Back when he had "issues" in Georgetown, the pugnacious beer expert packed up his operation and left. That's despite having hung around the neighborhood for some 18 years. Jahanbein later [...]

If You Like Getting Drunk, It’s All Your Fault

If you live in the District and like getting your drink on, it may be your fault that three D.C. establishments are in trouble.
Three faintly lit watering holes, Jo Jo Restaurant & Bar and The Saloon on U Street, and Bobby Lew's Saloon in Adams Morgan, are getting scrutinized by the [...]

Would You Like a Stabbing With That?

Despite the arrival of such benchmarks of gentrification as cheesy reality shows and pot delivery services, the District remains a place where you could be stabbed at dinner. Today, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board will conduct a fact-finding hearing regarding a July 31 brawl between four men (two against two) at Gloria's [...]

Go-Go Band TCB Loses One More Venue

The same day that City Desk published MPD's hush-hush "go-go report," two of the genre's acts lost another D.C. venue.
District officials and nightclub owner Dean Smothers made clear Wednesday that certain go-go bands would never again be welcome at The Scene, in Northeast.
"I believe we've asked you to terminate your contractual relationship with TCB and Polo and [...]

ABC Board Lifts Georgetown Liquor Limit

Change is coming to Georgetown. Or, at least, more booze is coming.
In a ruling handed down Wednesday, D.C.'s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board unanimously voted to amend a decades-old liquor license moratorium in Georgetown.
Since 1989, Georgetown has been notoriously stingy with its liquor licenses—at any given point, no more than 61 licenses were issued in the [...]

Neighborhood Watch: No Voluntary Do-Overs in Georgetown

The Issue: Six Georgetown restaurants, including four along Washington Harbour, are trying to back out of their voluntary agreements with neighbors. The VAs, as they're often called in NIMBY circles, legally bind the operators to certain hours and methods of operation as a condition of their licenses to sell alcohol. Violations of these agreements tend to draw [...]

Romeo Morgan and Cliff Valenti Bury the Hatchet (Sort of)

Romeo Morgan is fed up with waiting on community leaders to endorse his liquor license application, some 234 days now and counting, he says.
“We have people who are elected as ANC commissioners to represent us in our neighborhood, but then my ANC commissioner refused to even put me on the schedule to be heard, because [...]