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After Residents Complain, Dupont’s Ozio Forced to Limit Music on Its Roof

The group of Dupont residents who frequently jaunt through their neighborhood streets with sound meters are apparently not wasting their weekend nights in vain. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ruled this month that Dupont's Ozio Restaurant & Cigar Lounge will no longer be able to have live bands perform on its roof. The establishment on the 1800 block [...]

Shaw’s Tavern Altered Documents With ‘Correction Fluid’

I must admit I was surprised yesterday by the announcement that the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board denied Shaw's Tavern a license to serve alcohol. Until I read the findings, that is. The document, via Prince of Petworth, details each step that owner Abbas Fathi and former manager Steve May messed up. (Misstep 1. Fail to get Certificate of [...]

DC9 Employees Can Go Back to Work

Talk about a reversal of fortune: City liquor authorities ruled today that the five DC9 employees who were once charged with murder in the death of Ali Mohammed outside the club can get their jobs back.

The Saloon: Restaurant That’s Really a Pub Will Soon be a Tavern

Shortly after his appearance before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Wednesday, despite having a somewhat slight build, Kamal "Commie" Jahanbein stubbornly rolls heavy metal kegs of German lager through a door that leads into his darkened establishment.
Moments ago, with the same stubbornness, he had told the board he wasn't [...]

Did Big Bear Cafe Defeat Crack?

Despite having run smack into a big gentrification-laced clusterfuck, Big Bear Cafe may be on the verge of getting its long-sought liquor license—and its supporters are pulling out all the stops to help.
During a hearing at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board last week, in fact, Bloomingdale residents who want Big Bear to serve booze [...]

ABC Board Stalls Sale of Club Love

The sale of Love Nightclub won't be going through quite as quickly as the people involved in the transaction were hoping.
Love, on Okie Street NE off New York Avenue, shuttered for three months earlier this year after a non-fatal stabbing inside the club on New Year’s Day. Since reopening, the club has only catered special events. [...]

Strip Club Shocker: “Vaginas Can Be Seen!”

After months of ruckus, neighbors aiming to block the Stadium Club’s liquor license renewal sure made a lousy case at Wednesday’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) hearing.
In June, residents in the Ward 5 neighborhoods abutting the club-cum-steakhouse submitted two petitions, one with five signatures and another with 21, arguing the establishment was disrupting peace, [...]

Love Nightclub Files for Bankruptcy, on Sale

City Desk doesn't usually check the Wall Street Journal for D.C.  nightlife tips. But there it is, right on the paper's Bankruptcy Beat blog: Washington "nightclub impressiario" Marc S. Barnes, as well as his two celebrated establishments, have filed for bankruptcy.
Barnes' flagship Love Nightclub, at 1350 Okie Street NE, as well as his The Park [...]

ABC Board Rejects Compromise Offer on Muse Lounge Violations

Muse Nightclub and Lounge, at 717 6th Street NW, is facing a slew of violations from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). Just this past May, MPD Chief Cathy Lanier shut down Muse for 96 hours, over a box-cutter slashing incident. On Wednesday, Wei Zhou, co-owner of the establishment, sat before the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) [...]

Jim Graham Speaks Up On Bossa Bistro and Bobby Lew’s

I got some fine Grahamstanding in my e-mail inbox this morning. Councilmember Jim Graham promised to talk to people(!)–even ANC Commissioner Bryan Weaver. The reason? Two Adams Morgan joints lost their liquor licenses two days ago. The ABC Board contended that Bossa Bistro and Bobby Lew's weren't selling enough food to qualify for their class [...]

Bill Duggan to ABC Board: “This Is Fucking Ridiculous.”

The Alcohol Beverage Control Board met today to consider revoking Madam's Organ's liquor license for a groping incident that happened in June 2007. Marc Fisher has the definitive take on how this came to pass. The Sexist also weighed in.  So what happened? Basically five hours of testimony and, in typical ABC decisiveness, especially when [...]