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Washington City Paper Wins Alt-Weeklies Awards

It was a good Saturday afternoon in Nashville, Tenn., for Washington City Paper. When the 2014 Association of Alternative Newsmedia awards were announced at the group's annual convention there, two City Paper staffers won first-place awards for their work last year, and a package we put together on D.C.'s changing marijuana laws got second-place honors.
Staff photographer Darrow Montgomery was [...]

Chatter: Unsafe at Any Read

Ralph Nader has had a long and distinguished career as a consumer advocate, five-time presidential nominee, and champion of longshot left-wing causes. But last week’s cover story by Aaron Wiener surveyed Nader’s legacy through the prism of his latest incarnation—D.C. neighborhood activist—and a Naderite group’s opposition to the public-private redevelopment of the West End Library [...]

Millennials Will Suck D.C. Dry, Says Grumpy Man

Move over, Courtland Milloy. Karl Jeremy is D.C.'s newest antagonist of myopic little twits, and he's on the hunt for some millennials.
Jeremy's latest contribution to themail newsletter appeared Sunday, when he wondered why D.C. officials continue to work with Greater Greater Washington blogger Dave Alpert to reach young residents. The effect of the partnership has been [...]

Tonight: Dead Aid at Politics and Prose

To hear Bono tell it, there's no better way to fill Africa's distended bellies than to funnel billions of dollars into the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats. Dambisa Moyo, "a Zambian who built her econ chops researching African development at Goldman Sachs and the World Bank," begs to differ. The Washington Independent's Aaron Wiener previewed Moyo's [...]