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The War on Dana Milbank’s Car

D.C. shouldn't get statehood until Washington Post columnists can violate traffic laws with impunity!

Chatter: Auto-Da-Fé

What you said about what we said last week
Despite the apocalyptic rhetoric that seems to accompany the painting of every new bike lane in D.C., car ownership is not actually under assault in the Washington area, as Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener argued in the cover story “There Is No War on Cars” (April 19). [...]

The Needle: Don’t Run Me Over Edition

Insult to Injury: Riding a bike around D.C. often feels like taking your life into your hands. And with good reason; drivers are constantly standing by, ready to run you over at any minute! That's bad enough, but one cyclist who got hit by a taxi last month was also given a traffic ticket for [...]

The Needle: Metro Ceiling Collapse Edition

The Sky is Falling!: Mark down today's date, Nov. 18, 2010, as one to remember. For it turns out that the latest absurd problem in the Metro system—the chunks of concrete falling from the ceiling onto a platform at the Farragut North stop on the Red Line—was not the transit agency's fault! District Department of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Busiest Travel Day of the Year Edition

Good morning, readers. Sad news: Abe Pollin has died.
But what I really want to talk about is how today is the Busiest Travel Day of the Year. You may never have heard this, even though it happens every year. It means lots and lots of people will be going from one undisclosed location to another [...]