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Photos: High Heel Drag Race

Details Revealed From The District’s First Murder Of 2010

Zachary Funke was the first person killed in the District in 2010. He was killed on January 2. An autopsy revealed that Funke was stabbed multiple times in the right side of his neck and chest, court records show. The next day, D.C. Police detectives would charge Terrance D. Brooks with the murder of Funke.
Court [...]

Morning Roundup: It’s 2010!

Good morning, 2010!
Doesn't 2009 seem like a long time ago? You made it through the year and it didn't even kill you. Have you decided what to call the new decade? The Tennies? The Tenties? The Teenies? The One-ders?
Anyway, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. No, not that Tiger. But the Chinese New Year [...]