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The Nationals: A Home Run For Real Estate Investors!

The Nationals will be playing 81 games at its shiny new stadium. Craigslist realtors have taken note with skyhigh asking prices and too many exclamation points.
The neighborhood surrounding the ballpark hasn't changed all that much. It's still mechanic shops and liquor stores. Aside from the ballpark, the new amenities include a Subway sandwich shop, a [...]

Oh no! Nats blow a 5-run lead! How did I not see this coming? WHY DO I LET MYSELF BELIEVE?

The Road to 162 Victories

It is unthinkable that any team could beat the Washington Nationals, the best team in baseball. I don't have a million dollars, but if I did, I would bet, like, half of it that the Washington Nationals won't lose a single game this year. They'll be like the whatever-it-was Dolphins, except they will play 162 [...]

Eidinger to Fill One of the City’s Pot Holes

Adam Eidinger, long one of DC's most active activists, is also a businessman. He's had his own PR firm for several years, and now he's firing up a hemp clothing store.
The shop will open later this month in Adams Morgan, says Eidinger, who briefly achieved international fame in 2004 by disrupting the Washington Nationals introductory [...]

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Baseball + Ben’s Chili Bowl Is Really Special

It's not every week that Washington, D.C., gets a new baseball stadium. I realize that. But please, local publications, get this baseball-crazy bug out of your system as soon as possible. I'm tired of seeing some new iteration of the same story, over and over again. Here we go, prime example: stories about the stadium [...]

Please Stop Calling It a $611 Million Ballpark, Please

This morning, the Washington Post flooded the proverbial zone on its Nationals Park coverage—dozens of its reporters documented every last aspect of the ballpark's first official major-league game. The Post also flooded the paper with an inaccuracy: That the stadium cost $611 million.
The $611 million figure reflects the cap that the D.C. Council imposed on [...]

Nats Stadium Slammed

The Washington Post's architecture guru Philip Kennicott writes a withering critique of Nationals Park for today's paper. The critic believes this behemoth, designed by experienced stadium architecture firm HOK, is a dud.
He dubs the parking garages as "disastrously situated" for obscuring the front entrance. And then ticks off all the lost opportunities:
"Approached from the South [...]

And With One Headline, My Baseball-Season Anticipation Dies

V-v-v-v-vuh. (WTOP)

Who’s Gonna Boo?

George W. Bush will throw out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Sunday night.
Being the least popular president in history, he'll surely bring some sort of hater-repellant, such as the youngest Jonas Brother or a cutout of Martin Luther King, to the mound with him.
Will he be booed?

D.C. has to pay for security costs at the baseball stadium, and that's going to cost over $1 million, reports WTOP's Mark Segraves.

DMH Director Speaks Out On Positive Nature

Today, the Washington Post published a front-page piece on Positive Nature and the non-profit's on-going struggle to pay off its huge property tax bill. We have a story or two on this issue as well.
This afternoon we got the chance to talk to Stephen T. Baron, Director of the Department of Mental Health, about the [...]

Is $2,150 A Lot For Nats Tickets?

$2150 is the buy-it-now price for Opening Day tickets on eBay. Here's the seller's pitch:
Once in a lifetime opportunity to sit behind home plate, front row, club seating for the Washington Nationals first official MLB game EVER at the Nat! Gates open at 3:30 PM, game time listed as 8:05 PM. Access to [...]

Alex Escobar’s Voodoo Dolls Working Out

First Wily Mo Peña tears a muscle. Then Elijah Dukes strains a hammy and is listed day-to-day. This brings new meaning to the term "rehabilitation" and means I am totally screwed for blog items for the foreseeable future. Oh, and it's the dawn of the Alex Escobar era.
UPDATE, 5:08 p.m.: Dukes says he'll be OK! [...]

Sing If You’re Winning (So, Realistically, Around Half the Time)

Via Dan Steinberg, news that starting tomorrow at 9 a.m., you can vote on what songs you'd like to hear at Nationals Park. Nothing too surprising choice-wise—U2, Toby Keith, a convicted sex offender for victories, Blur's "Song 2" or perhaps Chuck Brown's "Busting Loose" for home runs (note: do not play that one [...]

Positive Nature Fights On

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Nats stadium's impact on the surrounding neighborhood. No one feels the sting of all that stadium-related development more than the non-profit Positive Nature. The higher property taxes may put them out of business.
It is hard to estimate the impact of a place like Positive Nature. They run [...]