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Fenty Yet Again a No-Show: Mayor Adrian M. Fenty was listed as a speaker on the program for this morning's delegation breakfast at the Crowne Plaza, but he never showed.

OMG! Hayden P. to Step Up for Voting Rights

DENVER—TV star Hayden Panettiere, LL has learned, is scheduled to join the D.C. delegation for a luncheon this afternoon hosted by the District's shadow delegation.
Panettiere is buds with Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss, whom she met earlier this year while lobbying Congress on saving the whales. She taped a short YouTube voting-rights PSA with Strauss at [...]

Who Went With Party Unity? Ickes, for One

DENVER—These superdelegates had at one time endorsed Hillary Clinton, but ended up casting their votes for Barack Obama:

Most prominently: Harold Ickes, the longtime Dem operative who has been among Clinton's most dogged supporters.
Yolanda Caraway, PR strategist
Hartina Flournoy, American Federation of Teachers
Ben Johnson, DNC deputy chair
Elizabeth Smith, DNC member at large
Mona Mohib, DNC Asian Pacific Islander [...]

Fenty Misses Roll Call, Norton Fills In

DENVER—Mayor Adrian M. Fenty was late arriving to the convention floor and was not able to give the D.C. delegate tally from the delegation's floor microphone.
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton filled in with impromptu remarks, which local Dems chair Anita Bonds says Norton composed, with the help of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, within five minutes [...]

Moby Says Statehood for D.C.

Moby knows his D.C. voting rights.
Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta found that out after he introduced himself to the musician and DJ at a party he talked himself into last night, after Moby had played a set.
Panetta mentioned that he supported his activism on behalf of "net neutrality"—the idea that Internet bandwith shouldn't be reserved for [...]

Fenty Finally Shows Up

"Welcome, D.C. Democrats!" Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said about an hour ago, at D.C. Vote's protest in front of the Denver Mint.
About friggin' time, was the sotto voce attitude of many DCites present.
Fenty arrived at 10:45 a.m., about 15 minutes into the gathering—after Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans had [...]

Did Hillary Snub the District?

DENVER—At today's voting-rights protest outside the Denver Mint—more on that later—Shadow Sen. Michael D. Brown brought up Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech to the convention last night. About halfway through, the junior senator from New York said: "I will always be grateful to everyone from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the territories who joined our [...]

Unions Lay in to “Un-Reformer” Fenty

DENVER—Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s strained ties with the labor community erupted into an all-out feud at the Democratic National Convention today, with D.C.’s main labor organizing group threatening to picket the mayor at future national appearances.
A flier provided to the D.C. delegation at breakfast here today decries Fenty as a “budget-shattering, union-busting, promise-breaking political boss,” [...]

Fenty a No-Show With D.C. Delegation

DENVER—The big question of the evening: Would Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, due in to Denver tonight, appear with the District delegation for Sen. Hillary Clinton's featured speech.
He did not, though one local big shot did show in time—Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans.
That means that, ahead of Barack Obama's acceptance spectacular on Thursday night at Mile [...]

Sooo...: LL spent a little too much time at the open bar in Media Pavilion 2 (thanks, Diageo!). Which means he is taking in lines like "no way, no how, no McCain" and "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" from the cheapest of seats. Oh, to be a State Blogger Corpsman right now!

Eleanor Preaches to the Faithful

DENVER—The D.C. delegation to the Democratic National Convention came out in force this afternoon to support Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Among the elected VIPs on the scene were council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, Ward 4's Muriel Bowser, Ward 5's Harry Thomas Jr., and Ward 7's Yvette Alexander (Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has yet to arrive). [...]

Fun and Games in Denver

DENVER—At a get-together of delegates before leaving for Denver last week, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton remarked that it’s not all fun and games for the D.C. folks, who have to maintain a focus on lobbying for voting rights. “We’re there to work,” she said.
Well, there’s time for a little golf, too.
The picture above is of [...]

Barry to LL: You’re Still Banned

DENVER—This morning, LL grabbed Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry outside the elevators here at the Crowne Plaza. He saw an opportunity for détente on his longstanding ban from the mayor-for-life.
Things started out auspiciously with Barry extending his hand to LL, but turns out Barry didn't recognize him: “Who you with?” he asked. LL pressed Barry, [...]

Happy Hillary Day, With Peter Rosenstein

DENVER—Today is Hillary Day at the Democratic National Convention, with New York senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton set to take the podium tonight.
LL sat down this morning with Peter Rosenstein, one of the few delegates pledged to Clinton and the D.C. delegation’s Clinton whip, to talk about the candidate he preferred to get [...]

Crowne Plaza: Lousy Key Management, Say Dems

DENVER—The D.C. delegation here has a lovely hotel, the Crowne Plaza, in downtown Denver, and a lovely, if cramped, office located inside that hotel. What they don't have is a key to that office.
Rather than give the delegation a key to their own office, says D.C. Dems chair Anita Bonds, hotel management has a single [...]