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Amanda Bynes Gets the Minor League Tribute She Deserves

The minor league baseball promotion has become cliche. It's almost all been done by now.
But the fun folks with the Bowie Baysox still manage to come up with events that'll get some giggles. Tonight, ripped straight from the headlines, the team is hosting an "Amanda Bynes Retirement Party" at Bowie Stadium.
Part of the party announcement:
Bynes, [...]

Stephen Strasburg Is ‘Jeezus’…But Who Wins If He Takes On ‘God’?

Stephen Strasburg has given us the feel-good story of the summer.
He's made everybody happy! Almost.
The only discord I can detect comes with his nickname. He's "Jeezus." The Great Dan Steinberg used the handle in digital print in the hours after the First Coming of Strasburg. (Technically, I guess our new #37 is only the Nats' [...]

Mike Wise Is Really Getting Married?

Mike Wise went on the WJFK airwaves Wednesday and said he had to pay off a bet with co-workers. The Washington Post columnist and sportstalk host called his girlfriend during his radio show and, while others at the station could be heard giggling and begging both parties not to make the biggest mistake of their [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Marino Says the Redskins Won’t Land Anybody Like Bill Cowher?

The Washington Nationals took out a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Washington Post.
Sure, the Nats season ended a while ago. But it makes sense that the Lerners would reach out while local sports fans are planning their sports ticket budgets and deleting Dan Snyder and Redskins.
But this Nationals ad is horrible.
After an all-glowing recap of the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: And If You Break Michael Vick’s Leg, We’ll Throw in a Chew Toy!

Today's Washington Post has a special pro football insert headlined "NFL '09."
The most interesting reading in the 14-page pullout comes in one of its few advertisements. Main Line Animal Rescue, a Philadelphia group that apparently specializes in saving "Bully Breeds" of dogs, bought space in the section.
The ad copy, placed alongside a photo of what [...]

FanZoneGate™ Update: WJFK Boss Wants No Part of Feud After Getting Schooled By Dan Snyder!

Somebody should tell Sam Rogers that feuds are good for radio. He won't take my word for it.
Rogers is Senior Vice President and Market Manager of CBS Radio for the DC cluster, which means he's the boss at WJFK, the city's new sportstalk station and rival to Dan Snyder's WTEM.
Rogers' station also tried to create [...]

Finally: Olbermann Gets a Reality Check

I don't care if his ratings are phenomenal, and I don't care that he has the best hair of all the network anchors, Keith Olbermann had to go. In the last five months he has displayed a panache for jackassery and saccharine pro-Democrat bias, two facets of his "journalistic style" that have made it a [...]

Sarah Palin and the Baby Beard

Sarah Palin told everybody that all the Palins are proud proud proud that her baby's having a baby.
Really? So is she the one who decided that Bristol, the five-months pregnant teen, would carry youngest-for-now Trig (even their names are tragic) throughout the big coming out party in Ohio last week?
How come the snowmobile racing musher [...]

I Vote for Pam

Personally, I thought Barack Obama's speech last night was a tad humdrum. He got a little feisty, for him. But, the challenges to his opponent—"John McCain has voted with George Bush ninety percent of the time"—still seemed staid. He said what he need to say, but for some reason, the deliverance fell, mmmm, I [...]

BlogWar DNC: Who Won?

DENVER—LL is currently sitting at Denver International Airport, yawning and enjoying the free WiFi, mostly to ogle Sarah Palin. As his time at the Democratic National Convention comes to a close, though, he is reminded of an informal blog-off discussed late last week between himself and the Washington Post’s David Nakamura and DCist’s Sommer Mathis.
You [...]

Just Asking: Which local journo cornered Sarah Silverman in Denver and asked if she wanted a job in an Obama administration, then asked "what position" (heh, heh)? The funny lady replied with two playful "love slaps" on the reporter's cheek.

This Morning: LL on WTOP

DENVER—Tune in to WTOP radio this morning at 10 a.m. to hear LL run down the local side of the Democratic National Convention on the Politics Program With Mark Plotkin.
Plotkin was kind enough to invite LL on after not being able to personally attend his first Democratic convention since 1968. Here's the item from LL's [...]

Fenty Joins D.C. Dems at Mile High

DENVER—Mayor Adrian M. Fenty arrived moments ago at the D.C. delegation's floor space at Mile High Stadium, hours ahead of Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech. He initially was sitting at the back of the section, tending to his BlackBerry with aide Veronica Washington, but just now snapped a smiling picture arm in arm with Council [...]

Dan Rather: D.C. Vote “Needs to Happen”—With Video!

DENVER—So they all showed up!
Sen. Paul Strauss and Michael D. Brown, not to mention Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta, got to back, along with several dozen guests in the glow of Heroes' Hayden Panettiere and the somewhat, um, dimmer aura of David Keith and Melissa Fitzgerald (who, incidentally, appeared at a campaign event for 2006 Ward [...]

Moby: Strike for Statehood

DENVER—Yesterday, LL reported that musician and DJ Moby had expressed strong support for D.C. voting rights to Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta while at an event here at the Democratic National Convention.
Well, last night, LL was pursuing some leisure activities out in Denver's warehouse district when Moby walked by, on his way into an art gallery. [...]