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D.C. Libraries: Not a Homeless Shelter, Especially in the West End

Edward Robinson-El came to the West End Library to be its new manager about a month ago. He had managed various libraries around Brooklyn, where he had customers of many ethnicities—Orthodox Jews, Italians, you name it—and income levels. Still, Robinson-El was surprised when he got to the West End Library and found out who his [...]

Downtown Power Struggle

22 West is a nine floor condo building practically overflowing with luxury amenities at the corner of 22 and M Streets downtown. Images on the building's website show a wondrous world of sun-drenched wood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, round and healthy trees built into balconies and a stunning minimalist rooftop pool. The cheapest one-bedroom units [...]

1200 Block of 25th Street NW, November 28

Emergency Fallout: No Shelter for Evans and Eastbanc

As the Foggy Bottom/West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting was about to conclude Wednesday evening, Eastbanc President Anthony Lanier asked hopefully if the crowd wanted to see his company's plans to remake two blocks in the West End. Derisive laughter provided the answer: No, the community did want to hear anything about development plans for [...]

Rushing Development to the ER

On Tuesday, during its last session of the summer, the D.C. Council quickly passed dozens of resolutions and laws, including two "emergency" bills designed to resuscitate major real-estate developments: a Center-Leg Freeway air-rights project that was originally approved almost two decades ago, and a West End project that involves the city selling fire, police, and [...]

Public Buildings, Private Agendas

Until recently, activists have carefully watched the assemblage of private property in their neighborhoods, anticipating the next major bid for a midrise office or condo building. That's still prudent, but lately much of the redevelopment action has involved city-owned land. Anyone scouting for the next major development would be well-advised to pay close attention to [...]