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The Examiner’s Blog-for-Pay Concept: A Cautionary Tale

Ben Westhoff, a New York freelance writer and occasional contributor to City Paper's arts pages, recently signed on with the Examiner's new blogger-generated-content model, where writers proclaim themselves experts in some discipline and get paid based on pageviews. It didn't work out so well for Westhoff, who had a brief stint as a "music examiner," [...]

Best Skins Post. Ever.

Following yesterday's pathetic loss to the lowly Rams, a poster on writes:
A few of my friends and I had bad omens happen to us. I laughed them off at first but there's no ignoring them after the fact we loss a game we should have won.
First example, My good friend and fellow Skins fan, [...]

Leopard-Skin Shoes Hinder Woman’s Chances in Race to Catch Metrobus

CNN Error Taints Power Rangers

Normally I don't get too riled up about CNN errors, but the headline "'Power Ranger' faces death penalty in yacht killings" taints the entire series. The subject of the article, Skylar Deon, who is charged with the 2005 murder of Jackie and Tommy Hawks, was not a Power Ranger. He had a non-speaking, non-recurring bit [...]

A Creative Rationale

In all the news reports I've read, the guy who took over City Paper last year and ran to the bankruptcy court has accepted no blame for Monday's Chapter 11 filing and framed our troubles as inevitable.
I wasn't buying any of that.
Until now.

Blogger Discovers Blogging Too Difficult

DCist reports today that the relatively new and relatively hated why.i.hate.dc blogger has been fired. Did the Loaf purchase the blog? Nope.
It turns out the blogger, who we wrote about here and interviewed here, couldn't find enough hate to produce enough blog posts. Hate monger Rusty explains:
Hello. Rusty here.
I tried e-mailing Liz to see what [...]

Death to Death: Drop Dead

I'm well aware that I'm hitchin' up the Andy Rooney pants in asking this, but: Is it just me, or has journalism renewed its love affair with the "drop dead" headline? There's a ton of 'em at the moment, mainly attached to the ongoing bailout negotiations:
Washington to Wall Street: Drop Dead
However, it also encompasses [...]

Fun With Bankruptcy, Nunc Pro Tunc and an $185,000 Retainer

Perusing the scanned documents from our parent company's Chapter 11 case, I'm finding a lot of lingo I don't totally understand (PDFs: Emergency Motion to Use Cash Collateral, Emergency Motion for Nunc Pro Tunc Authorization). But hey, here's one I think I get: Notice of Deficient Filing. It appears that Ben Eason's bankruptcy papers [...]

Aaron Boone Regrets

If there's one thing we can recognize around here, it's gallows humor, and Chico Harlan snuck in a nice dig at the 100-losses-here-we-come Nats in today's Post. In an item about the final game at Yankee Stadium, Harlan reported that one of the invitees to the celebration was Aaron Boone, the hero of the 2003 [...]

One Way Obama Could Frame the Palin Debate

At this point, I have to ask: Is there anything Sarah Palin said in her convention speech and stump speech that is not a lie? I doubt she's ever field dressed a moose. I doubt she's shot one. Her fightin' that Bridge to Nowhere story–a lie. Don't believe me, check out here, here, and here. [...]

Cold And Alone

I'm sorry, but the person you called has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

ISO Suited Sexy Guy

This Craigslist missed connection—which appears to be directed at Fox 5 News anchor Brian Bolter and all who work with him—was posted last night at 11:57 p.m.
Ch 5 Brian B – 40 (NW)
Brian B on air at 10,,,you are a suited sexy guy..
any1 in the office ever see him his shirt off? hairy? or [...]

Wired: No Bigfoot Body at Press Conference

The hunt goes on. Two days ago, Eric Wills reported on City Desk that Manassas, Virginia Bigfoot researcher William Dranginis was "highly skeptical" that Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of Georgia had a real Bigfoot body in their possession. Good call. Wired reports that yesterday's much-hyped press conference came and went without a corpse to show.
At this point, all signs appear to [...]

BIGFOOT UPDATE: Dranginis Weighs In

As promised: your morning Bigfoot roundup!

William Dranginis is skeptical—make that highly skeptical—about the claim by two men that they discovered a dead Bigfoot in the Georgia woods. Matthew Whitton, a police officer, and Rick Dyer, a former correctional officer, have stored the supposed Bigfoot in a cooler and released some inconclusive photos. They plan [...]

My Weekend of Firsts

I have been driving for 23 years. I have never gotten a speeding ticket, a minor but not inconsiderable source of pride. I'm not a candyass on the road, but I'm not a maniac, either. What you get from me as a fellow driver is alertness, consideration, and sweet, [...]