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Our Morning Roundup: Rock the Dread Edition

So maybe this isn't the year. What did you expect? A series sweep? Over the most storied franchise in pro hockey? Seasoned Caps fans should know better.
I remember my first hockey bloopers videotape. The hilarious compilation of goofy clips devoted an entire section to the ups and downs of the Washington Capitals.
Remember 1987? The Caps raced out to [...]

Ode to the Indie from The Rotten Tomatoes Show

This clip of Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox's "Anyone Else but You" parody is about a month old, but I caught it on Current TV's birthday special and was reminded how spot-on it is.
Especially satisfying after so much failed quirkiness this year:

Hitler and Jackson: Offensive on So Many Levels

Still, this video showing the Fuhrer reacting to news of Michael Jackson's death is brilliant.
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The Talks Are Over, Balducci’s Not Coming to Penn Quarter

Bad news for all those downtowners dreaming of having a source of quail eggs within walking distance. The deal in which Douglas Development would land Balducci's specialty store in Penn Quarter isn't going to happen. (And maybe that's a good thing–check out how Tim Carman gets treated at the Balducci's in Bethesda.)
Douglas Jemal, owner of [...]

Today’s Best Headline: “Kidman Blasted Over Didgeridoo Stunt”

The story itself is pretty entertaining, too. From IMDb's WENN feed:
Nicole Kidman has enraged Aboriginal leaders in her native Australia by breaking a centuries-old taboo against women playing the didgeridoo.
The actress was seen blowing into the wooden instrument on a German TV chatshow last Saturday.
And several cultural leaders have now criticised her for the stunt, [...]

Bad Gift Idea #3

Today is a classic D.C. late-fall day. You got a lot of rain, and temperatures just north of freezing. The combination of wet and cold can make for some miserable people. One friend once told me the story of a woman who was suffering through just these conditions and remarked, You know, I live in [...]

Update: City Paper Flagging

We worker bees at City Paper haven't heard any buzz about this year's company Christmas Party.
These things used to be a big deal around town. The talk about City Paper Christmas Parties used to start as a whisper a little after Halloween and grow to a shout by the time the soiree came off.
Mayors showed [...]

Update: City Paper Flagging

For folks into media soap operas — and who among us isn't? — I stumbled across a doozy this morning from an Atlanta weekly.
It's a devastating portait of the "death spiral" of some sort of publishing company out of the South. An insider at the shop alleges all sorts of greed and mismanagement and all [...]

Snow’s Over

Good grief.

City Cracks Down on Car Lots; Fans of Industrial Signage Struggle With Disappointment

Found ‘Em!

Completely Frivolous Blog Post About Subway Sandwiches

All my friends keep asking me, "Arthur, why do you say you'll never eat another chicken sandwich from Subway?"
I frequent all the cheap sandwich shops near my downtown corporate office. Yesterday I wanted an empanada and beans & rice from Julia's, but they weren't selling beans that day. So, since lunch was a bust [...]

The Fabulous Life of a Published Author

Last week I got a letter that made my heart sink a little bit.
"Dear Mr. Beaujon," it read, "On Friday, November 14, 2008 we will partially reduce the stock of the book Body Piercing Saved My Life (ISBN 9780306814570). Please be assured that copies of the book will be in stock and available after this [...]

Five Spooky Minutes You’ll Never Get Back: The Devil & God, Stolen Dino Costumes, and me Being a Creep

Just in time for Halloween, the third installment of "Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back" is live over at The Sexist. Listeners can look forward to Bobby "The Intern" Allyn's savvy street reporting, Hess' name-calling, and more un-PC references to the Goddess/Whore archetype than ever before!

Bennigans and City Paper, Two Peas in a Pod?

Bennigans is back.
The middle-of-the-road food chain declared bankruptcy in July. Last week, a judge approved a deal that would turn control of the outfit over to Atalaya Capital Management.
If I'm reading City Desk right, Atalaya is the same company that is owed most of the $40 million debt declared by City Paper's current owner, Creative [...]