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Wired: No Bigfoot Body at Press Conference

The hunt goes on. Two days ago, Eric Wills reported on City Desk that Manassas, Virginia Bigfoot researcher William Dranginis was "highly skeptical" that Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of Georgia had a real Bigfoot body in their possession. Good call. Wired reports that yesterday's much-hyped press conference came and went without a corpse to show.
At this point, all signs appear to [...]

Seeking Traffic Camera Justice on Craigslist

Irate craiglist poster seeks justice and a masked rider known as BILL:
"I would like to compare the images in a ticket I received versus other vehicles. If you have a Camera ticket FROM DC I would appreciate you sharing the Citation Number and Pin Number.
To show how dumb the DMV is, they sent me a [...]

Changes to City Desk

You may notice a few changes on City Desk this morning: avatar placeholders in the comments, new formatting on the footers of blog articles and in the sidebar, etc. These are due to a much-needed upgrade that took place last night.
The avatars are not currently enabled, since we're still figuring out how to handle user [...]


The Washington Post's blog coverage of the Supreme Court's handgun unbanification is generating plenty of comments. Best comment so far:

"I believe guns are unnecessary. I've lived in the District for over 5 years and have successfully defended my home from armed intruders with a Samurai sword on two seperate occaissions. Throwing stars and nunchucks are [...]

Scooters For a Larcenist

My scooter was stolen last Thursday afternoon, brazenly purloined from the motorcycle parking area of my Arlington apartment complex.
Sucks, right? Yeah, sure, you don't care. That's cool. But here's a funny thing:
On Thursday night, City Paper held a party downtown to celebrate Dave Jamieson's receipt of the Livingston Award for his amazing story "Letters From [...]

David Brooks Has Become the Indiana Jones of Baffling Pop Culture Metaphors

Coworker Max Linsky cruelly Brookrolled me this afternoon with a column entitled "The Alpha Geeks." The bulk of the piece is a whirlwind rehash of the evidence supporting what Brooks calls an "ascent of nerdism in modern America," a thesis which I don't disagree with, but don't find particularly novel either. At the tail end [...]

68-Year-Old Arlington Male Seeks Underage Friends on Myspace

Behold: the Arlington County Police Department MySpace page.
According to Thursday's press release from the ACPD, the goal of this project is to get kids to add the police as a friend, warding off sexual predators as vampires to garlic. From the release:
“We don’t want to mislead any kids or their parents into thinking this will [...]

They Got Stuff There We Wanna Eat!

Continuing our expansive coverage of the biggest story in Adams Morgan, this time in musical form:"Harris Teeter" by Dead Ant Farm.
Pretty much sums it up, right?

Voting Irregularities

We're deep into tallying the votes from our Best of D.C. Readers' Poll, in preparation for next week's issue. The paper ballots have been entered and now we're sorting out the winners. With over 50,000 nominees, it's been more than a little tedious and occasionally surprising. Some examples:

"Best Outdoor Venue" There are exactly as many [...]

City Desk DST Begins… NOW!

Five days late, but moving fast!