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D.C. Wakes to 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake

Nope, you're not crazy! At about five minutes past five this morning, a tremor centered in Gaithersburg rattled the D.C. area. Twitter exploded. According to The Post: "Previously, the largest earthquake reported [around D.C. since 1974] was a 2.6 magnitude tremor that occurred in 1990."
City Paper reporters, who have nerves of steel, seem to have slept soundly [...]

Photos From Farragut North

City Paper Tweetup: Thursday Dec. 10 at The Big Hunt in Dupont

What happens when you get 140 characters from the D.C. area in a room together? Help us find out!
Our @wcp twitter account is about to hit 2,500 followers. To celebrate this little milestone, we're organizing a D.C. tweetup next week on Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2009. Come out and hang with us and your fellow D.C. [...]

DCHenge is Tonight, September 23!

Reminder: this evening, the sun will set in exact alignment with the lettered streets of D.C.'s grid. While "DCHenge" may not rival the Manhattan Stonehenge, early scouting suggests that you could glimpse a pretty nice sunset along corridors such as L Street NW:

It depends on the weather, of course.
Photo of the sunset on Sept. 21, [...]

Whole Foods Protest: The Video

Earlier today, in response to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal op-ed opposing single-payer health care and a public option, Single Payer Action and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union picketed the P Street Whole Foods in Washington, D.C.
City Paper was on the scene to interview the protesters.

DCHenge: If New York Can Have a Stonehenge, So Can We. Right?

While I was visiting the urban canyons of New York City last weekend, a friend reminded me about the solar event called Manhattanhenge, a twice-yearly phenomenon when the arc of the sun across the evening sky aligns perfectly with the east-to-west streets on Manhattan island. The result is a spectacular sunset unobstructed by towering skyscrapers.
That [...]

Huffington City Paper: Was It A Dream?

We had some fun yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it.

City Paper Website Update

You may notice some changes to the City Paper website today, most notably the removal of the events/restaurants/movies search widget on the right hand side of the page. We've been debating this change for a while now and looking at the usage stats, and we decided that the widget was doing more to create visual [...]

Dan Kaminsky Speaking at HACDC Tonight

Dan Kaminsky, an internet-security type who discovered a flaw in the protocol of the important servers that are supposed to send you to real websites instead of fake websites that steal from you, will be speaking at HACDC in Mount Pleasant tonight at 8PM.

Pat Collins: Citizens React to Obama’s D.C. Snow Jab

As Loose Lips pointed out earlier, President Obama's jab at D.C. over school closings inspired a veritable roundup of press commentary. Our own web servers groaned under the load of a 1000-2000% increase in snow-related blog comments (compared to our seasonal average).
In the video after the jump, NBC's Pat Collins heads to the one street [...]

What should you do if you get stuck between the doors of a Metro car?

Tonight I saw something I'd actually never seen before: A woman got stuck between the closing doors of a Metro car on the Orange Line, and couldn't get out until someone else pried the doors open. She was pinned flat between the doors, and didn't have any leverage to open them herself.

Sunday Headline Punday: Forced Nixon?

From the Post homepage: "Richardson Nixes Cabinet Bid"
Is this a pun, or am I seeing something that's not there?

Ward 6 Exit Polls Reflect Delaney’s GOTV Push

According to Ward 6 exit poll surveyor Arthur Delaney, Ward 6 ANC candidate Arthur Delaney is garnering early afternoon momentum in the race.
"At least a dozen people said they voted for me," Delaney GChatted, "[and] not a single person said they wouldn't vote for me."
Is Delaney headed for a blowout? Contacted seconds later, also by [...]

Delaney Campaign Unleashes Bold New Flier

City Desk has obtained a copy of the new campaign flier being distributed by Delaney For ANC in Ward 6. Campaign staffer Arthur Delaney (who is also the candidate (who is also a contributor to City Paper (who asked Delaney to run for ANC))) says he expects the flier to have a "devastating impact[!!!1]" [...]

Ex-DCer Seeks Artificial Ben’s Chili Bowl Experience

On Ask MetaFilter, a lament:
"Ben's chili is the food of the gods. Sadly, I no longer live anywhere near Ben's, and so I want to try to make it myself. Although I'll probably be adding beans, to make it more meal-like (since I most likely won't be pouring it on hot dogs and french fries). [...]