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Baseball Bat Wielded in Dispute Between 7-Eleven Employees Last Night

At approximately 11:42 last night, MPD officers cuffed an employee behind the counter at the 7-Eleven in the 3100 block of 14th street NW. One cop lifted the man by his armpits, another by his legs. The employee—swearing, cursing, kicking—was carried out of the store and into the back of a cruiser idling on 14th [...]

District Driving in the Post-Snowpocalypse: For the Love of God, Please Learn to Helm Your Sport Utility Vehicle!

Here's the thing with automatic transmission in America: People get lulled into the notion that driving all cars is pretty much the same. Here's the other thing: In the snow, that notion flies out the window. Cars that have a lot of power and—hey!—ballast shouldn't be the ones fishtailing in and out of snowbanks. This [...]

The Annie Le Media Fest: It’s Not Just About the Ivies

As Jack Shafer observes in yesterday's column, the Annie Le murder has received the sort of national coverage usually reserved for celebrity deaths and award-show gaffes. To wit, Shafer's incomplete but telling catalog:
The New York Times...has already published five articles about Le's disappearance and murder and the apprehension of suspect Raymond Clark III. The Boston [...]

Never a Dulles Moment With the TSA

"Sir, you do read and write English?"
"Yes, officer."
"So you are aware that this is a no-standing zone?"
"Yes, officer."
"And you are aware that it's five days after 9/11?"
"Um...yes, officer."*
"And that our country is at war right now?"

Our Morning Roundup: “Twestivus for the Rest of Us” Edition

*Remember the huff over Monica Hesse's piece on Brian Brown? The one from August 28, in which she describes the NOM executive director as "pleasantly, ruthlessly sane"? Nearly two weeks later, this thing still has legs. About this time last week, Rebecca Armendariz of the Washington Blade denounced Hesse's story as a dangerous “puff piece.” [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Unwanted Slumber Party” Edition

*UNWANTED SLUMBER PARTY: WTOP reports that a Georgetown student discovered a strange man in her bed yesterday morning. The G'town Cuddler strikes again? Police aren't sure:
"She screamed, he fled, and detectives responded," says D.C. Police Commander Matt Klein, "and subsequently took a report for a second degree sexual abuse."
The only description detectives have is the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “NBC Moodswing” Edition

*Checked out NBC Washington's new "Moods"/Washington Is... section? I hadn't! (Sorry, vacay.) Definitely interactive. Also, leads to hilarious/tacky catchphrases at the top of the homepage (see above). My problem with this is the same problem I have with "viewers' choice awards" on reality TV shows. (Full disclosure: don't watch many reality TV shows.) The whole [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Metro Goes Wireless Edition

*WMATA begins installing wireless service in "20 of Metro's busiest underground stations." Project slated for completion by October 16. All the better to tweet when you see a Metro employee asleep at the wheel, dear! Meanwhile, as the Baltimore Sun observes, Metro's "summer of horrors" continues.
*This week in Cal Thomas: The over-syndicated enfant vieillard terrible [...]

The Weekest Links: “Doggie Style” Edition

A Friday extravaganza, in which we present our top blog posts from the past week.

Gay T-Shirts In Windows A Problem For American Apparel
Real World D.C. House [Possibly] Identified
Doggie Style: A Sex Toy for Dogs
“He Could Have Sex With Anybody He Wanted.”
Library Conference Secret Twitter Proves Librarians Sexy, Stern
Could Condom Shame Be Good for Pharmacies?
Banita Jacks [...]

The Weekest Links: ‘American Apparel Meets Real World D.C.’ Edition

A Friday extravaganza, in which we present our top blog posts from the past week.

Gay T-Shirts In Windows A Problem For American Apparel
Real World D.C. House [Possibly] Identified
American Apparel Windows Will Stay Gay
Playing the Feud™ — Celebrity Edition!
Library Conference Secret Twitter Proves Librarians Sexy, Stern
Can’t Feminists and Anti-Misandrists Just Get Along?
Capital Fringe Fest 2009: Our [...]

Tonight at Silverdocs: Ella Es El Matador, Winnebago Man, Voices from El-Sayed, and More

Mmm...South Australian salt flats....
As ever, be sure to refer to our comprehensive, super-sweet, blah blah &c. guide to Silverdocs for all your documentary needs!
Opening tonight:
Act of God, in which people who've been struck by lightning proffer "anecdotes [that] may have you zoning out between crashes of thunder," Tricia Olszewski reports.
Intangible Asset No. 82, about a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Protest & Putt-Putt Edition

*IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: The Post fronts the news from California: a 6-1 ruling by the State Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, citing widespread support among voters.
...the California court said voters spoke clearly, through last fall's ballot initiative known as Proposition 8, in wanting to limit marriage to a man and a woman. At [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Baby Turtles for Sale(?)

*VA GOVERNOR WATCH: The editorial board of the Washington Times chastises the Democratic Governors Association for taking premature swings at Bob McDonnell, former Attorney General of Virginia and the GOP candidate for Virginia's upcoming gubernatorial race. Among the Times' charges: the DGA has created a shadow org., Common Sense Virginia, from which to "spew poppycock" [...]

Jack Shafer Throws Maureen Dowd a Bone on Plagiarism

Colleague Mike Riggs has already noted a few wrinkles in the Maureen Dowd-Josh Marshall plagiarism incident.
Putting it bluntly, Riggs says: "Dowd stole some shit and admitted it." Fair enough.
In Slate, Jack Shafer has an uncharacteristically mellow view of the proceedings. After chiding, "Bad, Dowd, bad—deserving of hard time in a pillory!," Shafer proceeds to exonerate [...]

WaTimes Implicates Sasha & Malia in Chicago Youth Violence

Note to photo editors/Web producers/guardians of good taste: Please don't run a gratuitous photo of Sasha and Malia Obama next to a piece announcing that Chicago "has become the nation's most violent city for youths."

The piece itself is pretty harrowing, describing monstrosities straight out of the biography of Rasputin: